This is Museum Replica’s limited edition prop replica of Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer as seen Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 blockbuster Thor.

It’s limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

This is a 17-inch tall hammer. The head measures 8 1/2-inches long x 5 1/2-inches wide.

It’s made from aged steel using the actual hero prop in the film.

The handle is made from wood and finished with the appropriate aged harness grade leather that shows the wear of its many battles.

The Thor Prop Replica includes a wood display base that holds the hammer at the same angle as when it was first discovered on Earth. 

It was released in June 2012 and quickly sold out from most sources. That said, there are about 8 of these for sale on Ebay right now, all most of which are still brand new. Here’s a link to check them all out:

Limited Edition THOR Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica (Museum Replicas, listings on Ebay)

This is an unpainted blank strong aluminum shield based on the shield in Captain America: The First Avenger movie.

No paint and no star included. Measures 26 inch diameter, 3” approximate height. Spun and Machined 1/8” (3MM) thick and strong aluminum with 3 machined grooves .

It has a beautiful finish .This is a blank you can use to make your own Captain America shield if you want to.

It also has a 1/4 inch center hole that can be used to attach a star. Since it is custom made, the seller is also offering to perform further custom modifications (for an additional fee).

This is a very cool, one-of-a-kind Captain America shield replica.

It’s up for auction with a starting bid of $185 and a Buy It Now of $250. Interested? The link you need is below: 

Captain America Shield Prop Replica (on Ebay)

Museum Replicas prop replica of the classic version of Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) was a Limited Edition item of only 999 pieces worldwide.

Unsurprisingly it sold out soon after its release and distribution by Sideshow Collectibles.

You can, however, still get one if you’re lucky as a seller on Ebay has one of these up for auction at the following link:

THOR Hammer (Mjolnir) Auction on Ebay

Hammer backstory:

When Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created, he decreed that it would be presented to his son Thor when he had been proven a worthy warrior. Thor spent the next several years training and performing heroic deeds. Indeed, years later, Odin gave the hammer to Thor, declaring the greatest warrior in Asgard should have the greatest, most powerful weapon.

This replica is a full scale replica of Thor’s classic hammer. The head is antiqued aluminum and shows the nicks and cracks that Thor has picked up in his epic battles through the centuries.

The inscription reads, “Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of…Thor.”

The hammer also features a solid wood shaft and genuine oiled suede wrap that looks worn from years of service.

Includes a custom fiberglass display base representing the craggy cliffs of Asgard and a full color certificate of authenticity.

Remember, since only 999 pieces were made, this is rare. 

I’ve seen plenty of prop replica fans debate whether or not Iron Man’s suit should be considered a weapon or not. So far I’ve not posted any Iron Man Armor prop replica’s because I personally have been on the fence on that one. However, I’ve now slipped over to the side that agrees his armour is, at least, also a weapon. 

Besides, this release of the IRON MAN 2 Mark V Suit Briefcase is too frakkin cool not to post about.

Produced by Museum Replicas, the Tony Stark’s Iron Man Mark V Suit Briefcase is an actual functional briefcase that is completely made of aluminium.

It features a genuine leather interior, custom molded lazer cut EVA foam (which reads “STARK”), and a hard rubber lining seal to protect your files from the elements (it’s water proof).

The case exterior features an elaborate machined look, with brushed aluminum and durable red automotive paint, as well as two buckles that have locks for privacy.

It’s also painted with automotive paint.

Don’t remember the suit or the scene? This’ll jog your memory:


That scene is so damn cool.

So if you want it, get it while it lasts – it’s a Limited Edition item of only 500 in the world.

Note that I’m including two links below. Sideshow have this at the regular price of $474.99 while Entertainment Earth have it a little cheaper at $429.99 – while stocks last.

IRON MAN 2 Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica (at Entertainment Earth)

IRON MAN 2 Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica (at Sideshow Collectibles)

Back in 2003 Diamond Select and Industrial Zoo released 2,500 Limited Edition life sized prop replica’s of Wolverine’s claws attached to a skeleton forearm.

The claws and skeleton parts, measuring over 2 feet, were made of real metal, came fully assembled and painted, and were featured inside a neat clear plexi-glass tube display case.

The original piece also came in a styrofoam packing box together with an officially licensed Certificate of Authenticity.

It’s a pretty cool item and typically these are a rare find since they sold out many years ago, but right now there’s actually a handful of them going for auction on Ebay.

If you want a chance to get one, here’s a few links to check out (but when you do, be sure to read full details on the item as some are in better condition than others!):

Life Size Skeletal WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica (on Ebay for $999.99)

Life Size Skeletal WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica (on Ebay for $749.95)

Life Size Skeletal WOLVERINE Claws Prop Replica (on Ebay for $575)

United Cutlery’s officially licensed (from Marvel) prop replica of the Daywalker Sword from BLADE (as wielded by Wesley Snipes as Blade in the movie) is one of the most popular movie prop replica swords around.

It was designed by Factory X (who also supplied some of these for the filming of the sequel) directly from the actual studio sword by prop maker Tony Swatton. This is United Cutlery version which is identical to the Factory-X version (FX19991) except it has a false edge rather than a sharpened edge like the original (now sold out) Factory X replica.

The sword features:

  • Full tang construction
  • Blade Length: 27 1/8″ (overall Length: 35 3/8″)
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16″ 
  • Blade is mirror polished, 420 stainless steel with false edges. 
  • Handle is made from a powder-coated zinc alloy that is machine finished with authentic glyphs.
  • Comes with a black enamelled wooden display stand with a metal logo plate

Watch a video presentation:


There are copies of these swords flying around, but they aren’t the real deal. Don’t get scammed, only buy a legitimate United Cutlery produced sword. To be sure, get yours direct from United Cutlery’s Amazon store at the link below: 

BLADE Sword of the Daywalker (United Cutlery) on Amazon

Take a look at Museum Replica’s prop replica of Nick Fury’s Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica.

Made from aluminium and celebrating Marvel Comics’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, this high-quality Electronic Needle Gun weapon replica includes special effects light and sound features.

It also comes complete with a polished hardwood display case with custom etched glass top.

The Nick Fury Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica is pretty damn cool.

Want it? It’ll set you back US$199.99.

For more images and specs visit: Nick Fury’s Electronic Needle Gun Prop Replica