This is an awesome prop replica of the Predator’s Shuriken from the 2008 film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles in partnership with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (who created the original screen prop), this cool looking 1:1 scale replica Predator Shuriken was limited to only 750 pieces world wide. 

It’s case from high quality polystone and dense flexible PU and comes complete with two display stands: one that can be displayed on your desktop, and one that can be mounted on your wall.

Each piece is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards, then individually hand-numbered.

A highly sought after collectible in the Aliens vs Predator line of prop replica, it has since sold out, as you can see on the original product page. However, right now one has gone up for sale on Ebay via a seller located in Greece. The rough conversion to US price is around $969, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

If you want to snap up this awesome movie weapon replica, head to the link below: 

Limited Edition ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM Life Size Predator Shuriken (Ebay)

This is Museum Replica’s limited edition prop replica of Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer as seen Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 blockbuster Thor.

It’s limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

This is a 17-inch tall hammer. The head measures 8 1/2-inches long x 5 1/2-inches wide.

It’s made from aged steel using the actual hero prop in the film.

The handle is made from wood and finished with the appropriate aged harness grade leather that shows the wear of its many battles.

The Thor Prop Replica includes a wood display base that holds the hammer at the same angle as when it was first discovered on Earth. 

It was released in June 2012 and quickly sold out from most sources. That said, there are about 8 of these for sale on Ebay right now, all most of which are still brand new. Here’s a link to check them all out:

Limited Edition THOR Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica (Museum Replicas, listings on Ebay)

TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica

This is the Hollywood Collectibles Group’s (HCG) Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Studio Scale Prop Replica based on the blaster seen in the 2012 film Total Recall.


  • Limited Edition of 600
  • Life Size, 1:1 Scale
  • Includes Custom Display Plaque with nameplate
  • Officially licensed by Hollywood Collectibles Group
  • Measures 10″ long
  • Includes original paperwork

Description by Hollywood Collectibles Group

To celebrate the theatrical release of the new Sci Fi Blockbuster movie Total Recall, we are very pleased to present our prop replica of the hero blaster used extensively throughout the movie. This amazing replica was molded directly from a screen used blaster to ensure complete accuracy, and comes complete with a green light up LED light under the barrel – just like the original! This Museum Quality prop replica is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail. The blaster is approx 10″ long and comes complete with display stand with Total Recall nameplate.

Get it via Ebay at the link below for $199.95:

Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay)

or via Amazon for the same price: 

Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica (via Amazon)

THE FIFTH ELEMENT Korben Dallas Blaster 1:1 Prop Replica (HCG)

This is Hollywood Collectibles Group’s (HCG) limited edition “Korben Dallas Blaster” from the 2007 sci-fi film The Fifth Element.


  • Limited to 1,000 units world wide
  • 1:1 Studio Scale Prop Replica
  • Includes Custom Display Plaque
  • Weighs 2.5lbs
  • Measures 10″
  • Original weapon feel and heft has been reproduced exactly
  • Officially licensed by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

Description by Hollywood Collectibles Group

The universe needs a hero, and in New York City of the 23rd Century, a good hero is hard to find. Korben Dallas, a former major in the Federated Army’s elite special forces unit, must get Leeloo – the perfect being, and the other four elemental stones to the temple in Egypt in time to prevent the Ultimate Evil destroying all life on earth. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Oscar nominated Science Fiction classic, we have produced what is perhaps the ultimate prop replica from this movie – the Korben Dallas Blaster. To ensure authenticity it has been molded directly from the screenused “Hero” live firing blaster used in the movie extensively by both Korben Dallas and Leeloo.

Note that this prop replica weapon has already sold out, but you can get one via a reseller on Ebay for $199.95, and it’s still brand new:

Limited Edition THE FIFTH ELEMENT Korben Dallas Blaster 1:1 Prop Replica (Ebay)

BIOSHOCK Infinite Sky Hook Replica (NECA)

Check out NECA’s BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook 1:1 Scale Replica.

The BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook is the main weapon and mode of transportation in the upcoming BioShock Infinite game (due for release March 26, 2013).

This is a life size replica made to reproduce exactly how the Sky-Hook would look if it were real.

It measures over 22″ in length and is nearly 11″ tall and features a motorized action that causes the gears and 3 hooks to spin when the trigger is squeezed, as you can see in the following demo video:


This replica is authentic to the game and includes a supportive arm brace and highly detailed engravings as well as all the screws, woodgrain, metal and leather textures. 

Comes packaged in securely in full color box.

You can pre-order it right now for $124.99 at the link below: 

Life Size BIOSHOCK Infinite Sky-Hook Replica by NECA (via Ebay, $124.99)


This is a fantastic weapon replica produced by Think Geek that is sure to strike a chord with replica weapon, cosplay and Assassin’s Creed fans alike.

It’s a single 19.68″ piece of PU latex designed to look like an exact reproduction of the Tomahawk Axe as seen in the Assassin’s Creed III video game.

By being a single piece this tomahawk replica won’t fall apart. It also has a fiberglass core which helps give it a great weighted feel.

Reproduced specifically for cosplay and it looks absolutely fantastic:


Available via the following vendors (prices vary):

ASSASSIN’S CREED III Tomahawk Replica Axe (via Amazon)

ASSASSIN’S CREED III Tomahawk Replica Axe (via Entertainment Earth)

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (Museum Replicas)

This is Museum Replica’s reproduction of the one handed sword wielded by Reynald de Chatillon (played by Brendan Gleeson) in Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic adventure film Kingdom of Heaven.

One of four Kingdom of Heaven swords that were licensed by Museum Replicas, this is rare and hard to find fully tempered, high carbon steel bladed sword replica.

Measures 40 1/4″ overall and features a grooved hardwood handle with highly detailed pommel and antique brass finish straight crossguard.

Comes with a matching wall plaque and certificate of authenticity, although in this case the seller has noted that the COA has a bend in it. Still, you can’t get these anywhere anymore so that’s just a tiny issue.

I notice that this sword was previously listed on Ebay for $320, but it passed in at that price. The seller has now dropped the price to a starting bid of $250 and a Buy it Now of $275, so you’ll get it at least $50 cheaper than it was previously listed. That’s a bargain since this is a pretty rare collector’s piece that is hard to find.

The link you need is below: 

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (via Ebay)

STAR TREK EE Exclusive Gold Handle Type 2 Phaser (Diamond Select)

Coming in January is EE’s exclusive Diamond Select produced Gold Handle Type 2 Star Trek phaser.

Just like the original phaser, this replica includes a Type-1 detachable mini hand-phaser that separates from the original Type-2 pistol.

This prop includes realistic beam lights, sound effects, and adjustable power settings. To activate the sound, you must remove the plastic display tab and turn on the hand phaser. This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol. To trigger the lights, rotate the front dial forward.

Measures 9 1/2-inches long x 9 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches wide.

The exclusive aspect of this phaser replica is that you can only get it from Entertainment Earth and nowhere else. 

Yes, it’s identical to the White Handle Type-2 Phaser, except of course for the color of the handle.

The link you need for that is below:

STAR TREK EE Exclusive Classic Gold Handle Type 2 Phaser (Diamond Select, $44.99)

Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear Prop Replica Master Replicas

Here’s a secondhand but still in mint condition life-size Predator Spear Prop Replica based on the weapon used by the Predator in Predator 2.

This is an incredibly detailed copper finish reproduction of the Predator spear, also referred to as the “Combi-Stick”, as produced by Master Replicas.

It is a limited edition item of only 2,500 in the world. 


  • Full length 1:1 scale spear (measures approximately 32″ long x 3.25″ diameter)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Oval wall display plaque with nameplate
  • Limited Edition: 2500 (each item is number on a custom display case)
  • Copper finish with sea green grip

The spear does not extend and has no electronic parts, but looks fantastic and is a highly sought after Predator weapon replica.

Watch a review of this awesome collectible:


These are a pretty rare commodity these days. I found one new one still available via Amazon and three secondhand ones available via Ebay. The images above are from the one on Ebay that is in near mint condition, although the seller of that one is in the UK. Still, for the price, it is the best pick of the bunch. 

Nonetheless, I’ll give you all the links I could find (with what I think is the best one at the top): 

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $322.70)

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $330)

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $349.99)

And the only new one that I can find, via Amazon: 

PREDATOR 2 Spear Prop Replica

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (New via Amazon, $899.99)

BATMAN BEGINS Grapnel Gun Prop Replica

This is a replica of Batman’s Grapnel Gun from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Batman’s Grapnel Gun was used by the Dark Knight to move from the ground to the rooftops of Gotham City.

This replica comes from the Noble Collection who have produced a number of props from the Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.

This is a full scale gun replica that measures 16″ in length (including a display) and weighs 8.2 pounds.

There’s a couple of these floating around, usually going for somewhere between $190 and $290 (yes, that much of a difference). The best price going at the moment is via Amazon:

BATMAN BEGINS Grapnel Gun Prop Replica (via Amazon, $174.99)