Now this is a pretty sweet Star Trek weapon replica coming in January for a pretty low price of only $44.99.

It’s Diamond Select’s officially licensed and authentic looking EE Exclusive Star Trek White Handle Type-2 Phaser modeled off the initial Star Trek prop.

Just like the original phaser, this replica includes a Type-1 detachable mini hand-phaser that separates from the original Type-2 pistol.

This prop includes realistic beam lights, sound effects, and adjustable power settings. To activate the sound, you must remove the plastic display tab and turn on the hand phaser. This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol. To trigger the lights, rotate the front dial forward.

Measures 9 1/2-inches long x 9 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches wide.

The exclusive aspect of this phaser replica is that you can only get it from Entertainment Earth and nowhere else. 

The link you need for that is below:

STAR TREK EE Exclusive Classic White Handle Type 2 Phaser (Diamond Select)

In June 2013 Epic Weapons are going to deliver their life size prop replica of the Timson Tool 211-V Plasma Cutter from the video game Dead Space.

This is an authentic reproduction of the tool used by the CEC miners (and Isaac Clarke) to cut down the Necromorphs!


The Timson Tools 211-V Plasma Cutter, as seen inDead Space 1, is a mainstay tool for CEC miners. Using ionized gas and plasma energy from an onboard detachable battery, skilled technicians use it to chip pieces off boulders so they’ll fit in smelting tubes. For maximum flexibility, this model features both horizontal and vertical cutting modes, and a quarter-meter blade. The 211-V is the first tool that Isaac comes across on the blood-splattered decks of the Ishimura, and becomes his most trusted companion during his harrowing ordeal in Dead Space.


  • life size, 1:1 scale prop replica
  • displayable carrying case
  • lights up with the signature 3-blast spot for lining up a target when the trigger is activated
  • measures about 17-inches long x 11-inches tall x 3-inches wide
  • includes a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery with 30 minutes constant-use battery life
  • made of metal with plastic parts to accommodate wiring
  • weighs approximately 3 pounds.

The price on this baby is $219.99. You can learn more and/or pre-order it now at the link below:

DEAD SPACE Timson Tool 211-V Plasma Cutter (via EE) 

Opportunities to pick up rare prop replicas like this don’t come along every day.

This is a life-size Stargate SG1 Jaffa Staff Weapon Prop Replica that came in a limited edition of only 195 pieces worldwide.

It’s modeled in high detail off the Jaffa Staff Weapon seen in what was one of the longest running sci-fi series of all time, and one of my favorite series of all time.

Produced by Lightspeed Fine Arts in 2003, this Jaffa staff weapon measures almost 9 feet in length and is hand-painted to production specifications.

The original run was limited to only 195 pieces worldwide. This one is number 74. 

Comes with the original set of stands for displaying proudly on a mantle or very long shelf.

Includes the original Certificate of Authenticity proving it is number #74 of the 195 run.

Suffice it to say, this is a rare chance to grab an amazing Stargate SG1 collectible.

The asking price is a Buy It Now of $1,099.95 on Ebay. 

Snap it up or check out more images at the link below: 

Life Size STARGATE SG1 Jaffa Staff Weapon Prop Replica (via Ebay)

Check out how awesome this Dead Space 2 prop replica from Epic Weapons is.

It’s a full-size (1:1 Scale) prop replica of Isaac Clarke’s EW-1048 Plasma Cutter, based on the Plasma Cutter built piece-by-piece by Isaac in the time between the events depicted in Dead Space and Dead Space 2. The changes were a necessity driven by broken parts and replacement availability; as well as, the living conditions and environment in space.

For maximum flexibility the Plasma Cutter feature both horizontal and vertical cutting modes (rotating at a 90-degree angle) and a quarter meter blade. Also features a built-in trigger that when activated reflects the signature 3-blast spot so the user may line up his target.

It measures about 17-inches long x 11-inches tall x 3-inches wide and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Includes a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery with 30 minutes constant-use battery life.

This incredible collectible ships in a uniquely designed display suitcase with “Property of Isaac Clarke” displayed prominently on the outside.

It’ll get released in June 2013 at a price point of $239.99. Use the link below to pre-order:

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica (via Entertainment Earth)

It’s also available on Ebay for pre-order, but the price is a bit higher at $279: 

DEAD SPACE 2 Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Prop Replica (via Ebay)

This is Factory Entertainment’s 1:1 scale replica of the iconic Golden Gun carried by Francisco Scaramanga in the 1974 James Bond movie THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN.

This officially licensed prop replica is composed of machined-metal construction and plated with real 18kt gold. Best of all it can be assembled or disassembled into its component parts just as the original prop could be.

The Golden Gun comes with a display stand, acrylic cover, certificate of authenticity, detailed prop story booklet, and numbered plaque.

It’s a limited edition of 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Update February 28, 2013: New article with additional information posted here.

Officially licensed BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Slayer’s Scythe prop replica.

Made using Joss Whedon’s personal souvenir prop scythe as reference.


  • Measures 37″ long
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Blade is cast zinc with a blood-red coating
  • Ostrich skin style handle wrap
  • Wooden stake, are all accurate to the original weapon.
  • Brass grommets
  • Display plaque
  • Meant to be displayed as a wall hanging.

Available from the following vendors (prices vary):

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Slayer’s Scythe Prop Replica on Ebay

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Slayer’s Scythe Prop Replica on Amazon

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Slayer’s Scythe Prop Replica on Amazon