The first teaser trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 2 is out! It’ll probably be crap, but the cast list makes it awesome no matter what.

Don’t forget you can still get THE EXPENDABLES Kunai Triple Throwing Knife Set.


Posting about Jon Snow’s Longclaw Sword Prop Replica and Arya Stark’s Needle Sword Replica, not to mention the GAME OF THRONES Season 2 Terror Tease, has me itching for GAME OF THRONES Season 2 to see what awesome new prop replicas are coming our way.

So, to help satisfy that itch, here’s the latest GAME OF THRONES Season 2 teaser trailer, titled ‘Cold Winds Are Rising’.


Having just posted the GAME OF THRONES Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow Prop Replica, I thought I’d share the “Terror Tease” for GAME OF THRONES Season 2. 

Season 2 premieres on HBO April 2012 and I expect more prop replicas to follow!

If you’re a fan of Robert Jordan’s WHEEL OF TIME series, and I most definitely am (having had the fortune of being able to sit down and talk with Robert about his series in person), you’ll be very interested in acquiring this piece of reality based on the epic fantasy novel series. 

This licensed replica comes from Windlass Steelcrafts, so like all their fantasy weapons it is sold as “Battle Ready”. I can’t find anywhere that specifically states this is a full tang sword, though typically all swords by Windlass in this category are produced that way (Windlass advertise all of them as “fully functional”). 

In the series the Heron Mark swords are made by blending metals to make a blade that need never be sharpened and that can never be broken. Of course, that’s fiction remember. Though a 1065 carbon steel blade, by default this sword isn’t sharpened (but can be) and if used in full (or faux) battle it isn’t indestructible (some fans report it doesn’t feel like it could cut it…forgive the pun). So be careful!

In the books, the mark of the Heron is a sign that the sword was made by a blade master. Such swords are awarded only to he who has proven that he has the highest possible skill with a sword. This weapon replica, however, is not based on the Heron Mark Sword used by Tam in the series. In other words, it’s not THE Heron Mark Sword, despite being advertised as Rand al’Thor’s sword that burned the Heron Mark into his hands. That’s because it doesn’t have the Heron mark on the grip (only two on the blade). The grip, btw, is wood covered in a rich blue suede with wire wrap.

The guard and pommel are solid brass.

Includes a black leather scabbard with brass accents.

WHEEL OF TIME Heron Mark Sword (on Ebay) $275

WHEEL OF TIME Heron Mark Sword (On Amazon) $229.95.

Note: A common complaint with this sword is that it has a “Windlass India” stamp on the blade below one of the Heron Marks. I’m sure that’s not one of Robert Jordan’s fantasy ideas!