Although the BLADE RUNNER M2019 Deluxe Blaster is sweet, my personal preference is for this Limited Edition M2019C Blaster prop replica which, to me, is just that little bit sweeter.

Like the deluxe model, this blaster is produced entirely from ABS plastic and diecast metal with absolutely no resin parts. It also features a working primary trigger, bolt action, swing out cylinder and 5 working LEDs. The markings on the receiver are laser etched and read (left side: COMPANY LOGO & L.A.P.D. MODEL 2019 B.R.U. 10MM CASELESS), (right side: MADE IN OFFWORLD and ser.# 0316).

This was a Limited Edition of only 500 and now you can score one of those brand new, still in an unopened box.

This “C” model version has the 5th LEDs on the bottom of the ammo plate, a square off ejection port, side plate cut out to view the cylinder, an LED switch for easy ON/OFF access.

The Upper receiver, triggers, hammer, and all the internal screws/springs are metal.

Weighs about 2 lbs and takes a CR1220 button battery (you’ll have to buy the battery separately). 

Check out a short video of this beauty:


Buy this (for $599 at the link below) and it’ll add a thing of beauty to your weapon prop replica collection.

BLADE RUNNER M2019C Blaster Prop a Master Replica on Ebay

This is Off World Manufacturing’s very cool BLADE RUNNER M2019 Blaster Prop Replica (Deluxe Model).

Features true etching from the original prop with an anodized black upper receiver (for better quality and realism).

Like their Limited Edition M2019C Blaster, It has the 5th LED on the bottom of the ammo plate.

Also features a square off ejection port, side plate cut out to view the cylinder, and relocated LED switch for easy ON/OFF access.

The Upper receiver, triggers, hammer, and all the internal screws/springs are metal. Better yet, it has a working primary trigger, bolt action, 5 working LED’s, and a swing out cylinder. The markings on the receiver are laser etched with Off-World MFG wording. 

Produced entirely out of ABS plastic and Diecast metal, this blaster weighs in at around 2 lbs. That’s right – no resin parts.

Battery is a CR1220 button battery.

If you want it it’s on Ebay with a Buy-It-Now price of $329.99 at the link below.

Blade Runner Blaster M2019 Deluxe Prop Replica on Ebay

Another nice find on Australia’s Ebay site is this Rare (2002) Dual Signature Series 1:1 Scale Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope Darth Vader Lightsaber by Master Replicas and Lucasfilm

Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, including a detailed examination of the original filming prop, this replica is identical in every respect to the lightsaber Darth Vader uses onscreen in Star Wars A New Hope.

It’s signed by James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader) and also signed by David Prowse (actor within the Darth Vader suit) with one plaque for each actor. Both are plaque 737 from the more desired Master Replicas Signature Series.

This very early and hard to find Master Replicas Lightsaber, made from machined die cast metal components, is one of the rare hand assembled crown jewels of any Master Replicas collection. It is one of the most iconic and favoured of all Star Wars lightsaber designs by far!

Included is the outer cardboard box and the inner black soft foam presentation lightsaber box and black sleeve cover.

The seller is advertising that nothing is missing, including envelope, care instructions and certificate of authenticity with photos of the actors at the signing event.

Also includes the signature plaques, the plaque stands, the custom designed Master Replicas display stand and acrylic dust cover.

Check out more images and/or place a bid at the link below (at the time of writing there’s only 2 days left!):

STAR WARS Master Replicas Darth Vader Dual Signature Lightsaber on Ebay

Check out this beautiful shot of a BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) prop replica.

The shot comes from user C0mmand3rC0dy who put it up there for sale for $350 (it sold fast, as would be expected).

This weapon replica was originally a custom run kit by Nicksdad.

The gun is an all aluminum construction comprised of 17 machined components. Each component is secured with screws. Also boasts Pachmayr S&W “J” round frame handgun grips.

Add to that electronics (LED activated by trigger) and an Uncle Mike’s “Sidekick” hip holster.

I had to post the shot above as I sat and stared at it for around half an hour in a mixture of prop replica joygasm and complete “I missed out on getting it” sadness.

It’s a thing of beauty and a rare piece to find. 

Ever wanted a replica puzzle box from HELLRAISER? Then check out this one by The Puzzle Box Shop who advertise it as “the most screen accurate version you will find.”

Using the designs from the original HELLRAISER film, each box is custom made upon order with mahogany (to 3 inches) and is then given a dark mahogany stain.

The faces are made out of very thin Brass (.005 inch) professionally etched through to reveal the mahogany beneath.

Each Movable Lament Configuration comes with a personalized signed Certificate of Authenticity from The Puzzle Box Shop that includes your name.

Watch a short video demonstration:


If you want one it’ll set you back $419.

Visit for more info or to order:

Hellraiser Moveable Puzzle Box Prop Replica at

And if you’re wondering, yes, this most certainly classes as a weapon – a weapon from hell!

It was only one day ago that I posted about the FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica kit.

Now an Ebay user has put up for sale an awesome finished 1:1 scale replica complete with a custom stand that also features a replica communicator (resin with metal rivets) and name plaque.

This is a cool one-of-a-kind prop replica that you won’t see anywhere else.

The seller states the pieces were from high quality, sharp and accuate molds and that the pistol was finshed with several thin coats of paint in which each layer was wetsanded with high grit sandpaper. The pistol itself was finished off with a silver speckled effect the same as the licensed replicas had.

He has it up for auction with a starting bid of $189. Here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica with Communicator and Display Stand on Ebay

Only yesterday I posted a tweet wondering if there is a prop replica of Dexter’s weapons. The answer to that is a resounding no, at least not officially.

However, if you’re really really keen, and really really cashed up, that doesn’t mean you can’t unofficially create a replica of Dexter’s famous kill bag and tools.

A user over at by the very apt nickname of Dark Passenger has painstakingly (and much to our appreciation) examined screen-shots from Showtime’s hit show to try and put together a list of the items you’d need to buy in order to create your own prop replica of Dexter’s Kill Bag and the weapons in it.

See the actual prop in this on-set presentation (at the 0.57 mark):


Note that replicating Dexter’s kill bag and tools is a little easier said than done. Aside from the fact that to collect each knife in it adds up to quite a few dollars, there are also a few irregularities that exist from season to season that make creating an exact replica that much more difficult. One example is the fact that Dexter’s kill bag hasn’t always been identical. It changes from season 1 to the one he uses now. The order in which his knives are put in his bag has changed at times too.

Another difficulty is that Dexter’s kill knife is actually a custom prop made for the series, while one of his knives appears to be a modified commercially available scapula. Still, thanks to the efforts of a few users (specific mention to DarkPassenger and DrewSmith007), die-hard prop replica fans can now replicate Dexter’s bag of tricks with close to 100% accuracy.

So let’s get to it. Here’s the list Dark Passenger has created, with links to where you can view or buy the item, to help you build your custom Dexter kill bag prop replica.

The DC Direct GREEN LANTERN Power Ring Prop Replica – based on the ring worn in the film by Ryan Reynolds – is a Limited Edition item of only 4,000 pieces worldwide.

This prop replica was cast using the actual ring in the film.

Features a distressed metal band and a translucent green faux crystal.

Comes packaged in a two-part box foil-stamped with the Green Lantern movie logo and with protective foam inside.

I’m guessing this will be a rare find in the future since it seems to be selling out fast.


I previously posted links to actual versions of this that were for sale on Amazon and Ebay, but they are not sold out. The link below will take you to search results on Ebay. At the time of posting there were a number of these rings still available for auction: 

Green Lantern Power Ring – DC Direct Prop Replica on Ebay

STAR WARS fans! This is easily the best prop replica collectible I’ve posted since we launched the site. 

On Australian Ebay (but available for purchase worldwide) is a Super Rare PROTOTYPE 1:1 scale STAR WARS EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE DL 44 Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica by Master Replicas.

It is one of the first Star Wars props Master Replicas released and now a mega-rare collectible.

Apparently these Han Solo Blaster Prototypes were ONLY released to members of the Master Replicas board of directors. I’ve marked this as a “one-of-a-kind” because while only 3 of these are known to exist the current owner states it may even be the only complete one because some Prototypes did not come with display cases or paperwork. This one is complete and Guaranteed an original!

This very first Master Replicas Blaster is the holy grail of Han Solo Blaster’s as being a prototype it is basically in a class of its own.

Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, including a detailed examination of the original filming prop, this replica is identical in every respect to the Blaster Han Solo uses onscreen in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE.

Hand assembled from machined die cast metal components, it features a working bolt action trigger/hammer and a precisely detailed German WWII scope.

Included is the foam presentation box and black sleeve cover!

All the paper work is included in the sale, including envelope, care instructions and Certificate of Authenticity. Also includes the Prototype plaque, the plaque stand, the custom designed Master Replicas blaster display stand and acrylic dust cover.

The seller claims it has been displayed in a glass cabinet free from dust in a pitch black, air-conditioned room and, most of all, that it is in mint condition, just like new.

It has never been handled by hands other than with cotton gloves when it first went on display and when it was packed up.

The bids started at only 99c, but as I write this they are up to $760. This is a high demand, rare collectible, so if you want it, this might be your only chance to get in and bid. The link you need is below (where you can also see a lot more images):

STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica (Rare Master Replica’s Prototype) on Ebay

Only 5000 prop replica’s of Prince Nuada’s Sword, Spear and Dagger from the film HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY will be made available worldwide, and here’s your opportunity to get them all as a single set brand new.

Each prop replica is produced by Master Cutlery at 1:1 scale and is licensed and marketed by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

An exquisitely detailed replica of all three weapons used in the movie, this Gold Edition is made from the finest materials.

Each museum quality piece is individually serial numbered, and comes complete with a Hellboy II themed wall display plaque.

It’ll set you back $559.95 as a Buy-It-Now on Ebay at the link below:

HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY Prince Nuada Sword, Spear and Dagger Prop Replica Set (Gold Edition on Ebay)

But guess what, there are ways to get the same package only much, much cheaper. Here’s how you do it:

Buy the Hellboy 2 Prince Nuada Spear Gold Limited Edition on Amazon and at the same time buy the Hellboy 2 Prince Nuada Sword Gold Limited Edition on AmazonThe spear is priced at only $199.95 and the Sword is $122.62. The dagger comes as a bonus with the spear. So that means you’re getting the whole set for only $322.57, a whopping saving of $237. And yes, those items on Amazon are the exact same Limited Gold Edition prop replica’s, just sold separately. Or you could be crafty and just make an offer on Ebay for the same amount and see how you go.