This is a sixth scale replica of Seifer’s Gunblade based on the weapon as seen in the Final Fantasy VIII video game.

Manufactured by Square Enix.

In Final Fantasy VIII Seifer, also known as “Hyperion”, chooses the Gunblade as his weapon of choice.


  • Complete with cocking hamme
  • faithfully crafted based on the original designs used in creating the video games
  • 1/6th scale and made from a variety of materials, but primarily in die-cast metal, along with abs & pvc plastic.
  • Comes with a display stand
  • Packaged in a deluxe collector’s box.
  • Approximately 10 1/4″ long

You can see the stand in the following image:


Available from the following vendors (prices vary): 

FINAL FANTASY VIII Master Arms 1:6 Scale Replica of Seifer’s Gunblade (Amazon)

FINAL FANTASY VIII Master Arms 1:6 Scale Replica of Seifer’s Gunblade (Ebay)

THUNDERCATS Sword of Omens Prop Replica

This is a prop replica of Sword of Omens as seen in the 1985 to 1989 TV series Thundercats.

Note: The Sword of Omens is slightly different to this in the 2011 series.

Manufactured by TNG Props, this is a hand-made prop replica sword that is not mass reproduced.


  • made of metal with a steel blade
  • 1:1 scale
  • length: 30″ long 
  • weight: 2.5lbs
  • comes with a wooden base with “Eye of Thundera” icon

There’s only one on Ebay and according to TNG Props it’s the only one that’s ever been listed there.

$350 is the asking price.

Find the listing at the link below:

THUNDERCATS Sword of Omens Prop Replica


This is a prop replica of He-Man’s 80’s style power sword, also referred to as the “Sword of Power” and the “Sword of Grayskull”.

Manufactured by TNG Props, this is a hand-made prop replica sword that is not mass reproduced.


  • cast metal with steel blade
  • 1:1 scale
  • length: 26″ long 
  • weight: 4.5lbs
  • comes with a wooden base with “Masters of the Universe” logo

There’s only one on Ebay and according to TNG Props it’s the only one that’s ever been listed there.

$299.99 is the asking price.

Find the listing at the link below:


LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf Glamdring Latex Sword Replica (Museum Replicas)

This is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) ready latex prop replica of Gandalf’s Glamdring sword from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.

Manufactured by Museum Replicas, this awesome sword features runes on the hand guard and is made of high-quality latex so that it will withstand whatever battle punishment you want to give it.

Full features:

  • Measures: 10″ W (254mm) x 48″ L (1219.2mm) x 1.5″ D (38.1mm)
  • Weight: 1.00 lbs (0.45 kg)
  • Made from a tough layered and durable closed-cell foam, high quality latex capable of withstanding excessive pounds of stress
  • Coated with a specially developed paint for long lasting play and a non-cracking finish
  • Police-grade Kevlar used in the sword tip for a non-tearing thrust
  • Lightweight fiber core to help you wield the sword with minimal effort
  • durable closed celled foam that does not shred

These latex Glamdring sword replicas are actually very difficult to find. In fact, I can only find one that’s for sale right now via the following Ebay link:

LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf Glamdring Latex Sword (Ebay)

The following vendors have them on backorder:

LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf Glamdring Latex Sword (Sideshowtoy)

LORD OF THE RINGS Gandalf Glamdring Latex Sword (Entertainment Earth)

LORD OF THE RINGS Arwen's Hadhafang Sword Replica (United Cutlery)

This is United Cutlery’s replica of Arwen’s Hadhafang sword from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

“Hadhafang” means Throng-cleaver.


Hadhafang once belonged to the Elven princess Idril, who wed a mortal man and bore Earendil, the father of Elrond who in turn was father to Arwen. Before Arwen’s birth Elrond wielded Hadhafang at the end of the second age of Middle-Earth, during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men in the great battle against Sauron. Later his daughter Arwen used Hadhafang when she aided Frodo in his escape from the Ringwraiths. Inscribed on the blade are runes in the Elven language of Sindarin that say “aen estar Hadhafang i chathol hen, thand arod dan i thang an i arwen” which translates to “this blade is called Hadhafang, a noble defense against the enemy throng for a noble lady.” The original inscription included the last line “Idril i hel en aran Gond dolen,” which translates to “Idril, daughter of the king of the Hidden Rock (Gondolin).” It was dropped from the finished movie prop due to a lack of space. There is an intentional pun in the inscription – the Sindarin translation of “noble lady” is “arwen”, so in effect, the blade claims to be for Arwen, even though it was made for her grandmother. 



  • Reproduced from the actual prop sword
  • Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity.
  • Overall Length: 38 1/8 inches 
  • Blade Length: 30 inches 
  • Blade Thickness: 1/4 inch 
  • Blade Material: Tempered 420 J2 stainless steel, false-edged. 
  • Hand Grip: Wood handgrip adorned with an Elven vine design, solid metal pommel, rat-tail tang construction. 
  • Display: 11 15/16 inches x 4 inches x 4 5/16 inches wood, silkscreened Elven design.

This sword is an official item produced by United Cutlery under the licence of New Line Cinema. As far as I can tell it was not a limited edition item, however, it is  still pretty hard to find.

Here are some links to help you out if you want one: 

LORD OF THE RINGS Arwen’s Hadhafang Sword Replica (Ebay)

LORD OF THE RINGS Arwen’s Hadhafang Sword Replica (Amazon)

LORD OF THE RINGS Arwen’s Hadhafang Sword Replica (Entertainment Earth)

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Hector Barbossa Sword Replica (Master Replicas)

This is the Master Replicas limited edition prop replica of Hector Barbossa’s sword as wielded by actor Geoffrey Rush in the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy.

The sword design was inspired by a French Cavalry sword from the Napoleonic era.


  • authentic replica of Barbossa’s Sword
  • limited edition of 2,500
  • full tang construction
  • weathered stainless steel to appear well used
  • measures 30” x 5” x 3”
  • display in a wall-mounted frame that measures 41″ x 16″ x 1.5″ with an individually numbered plaque
  • comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Prop Story

You can still buy these limited edition movie replica swords from either of the following links: 

Direct from Master Replicas on Amazon 

Hector Barbossa’s Sword on Ebay

300 Spartan Sword Prop Replica (Museum Replicas)

Zack Snyder’s 2007 film 300 is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, as is this awesome replica of the Spartan sword.

Fully licensed by Museum Replicas and Windlass Studios, this sword prop replica is a direct reproduction of the Spartan Sword just as Frank Miller drew it.

This is a hand forged battle ready (full tang) version with a well tempered 24″ blade made of 1095 high carbon steel with traditional peened over construction.

Featured solid steel parts and a wooden grip wrapped with genuine leather.

Also comes with a full grain leather scabbard and baldric.

Overall this Spartan sword prop replica measures 30″ and weighs approximately 3lbs.

Normally these are supplied unsharpened, but a vendor is offering a brand new one that has already been sharped (assumedly by Museum Replicas who offer just such a service) for only $191.85.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to get a real functional prop replica 300 sword!

The link you need to get it is below: 

Sharpened 300 Spartan Sword Prop Replica (via Ebay)

LEGEND OF ZELDA Twilight Princess Link's Master Sword Replica

This is a prop replica of Link’s Master Sword from the Nintendo video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Many fans consider this to be the best replica of the Master Sword that is available.

Comes with a plaque for mounting on the wall.


The Master Sword has the power to ‘repel evil’, which enables it to overcome powerful dark magic, curses and so on. Evil people and beings cannot touch or wield the sword. No wielder of the Master Sword other than Link has ever been shown. The Master Sword is found at the Sacred Grove, in the ruins of the Temple of Time. It is used to purge the curse on Link, allowing him to return to his human form after he has been locked in his wolf form by Zant. After that, he has the ability to change between his two forms at will. It is later upgraded to hold the light of a Sol, the equivalent of a sun in the Twilight Realm, which glows with an evil-destroying aura which can break Shadow Crystals. It shines brightest in the Twilight Realm, where it can dissipate the fog that previously required Link to be in wolf form to navigate. In addition, the light-infused Master Sword has its power multiplied many times against creatures of twilight, slaying most if not all of them in a single blow.


  • Heavy stainless steel blade with engraved markings
  • Unsharpened
  • Metal guard with faux jewel
  • Rubberized handle
  • Comes with display plaque
  • Great for any Zelda fan
  • Measurements:
  • Blade: 27″
  • Handle: 5″
  • Overall: 38″
  • Weight: 3.5 Lbs
  • Manufaturer: ACE

The sword is generally priced around the $58 mark. You can get it brand new at both Ebay and Amazon:



KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (Museum Replicas)

This is Museum Replica’s reproduction of the one handed sword wielded by Reynald de Chatillon (played by Brendan Gleeson) in Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic adventure film Kingdom of Heaven.

One of four Kingdom of Heaven swords that were licensed by Museum Replicas, this is rare and hard to find fully tempered, high carbon steel bladed sword replica.

Measures 40 1/4″ overall and features a grooved hardwood handle with highly detailed pommel and antique brass finish straight crossguard.

Comes with a matching wall plaque and certificate of authenticity, although in this case the seller has noted that the COA has a bend in it. Still, you can’t get these anywhere anymore so that’s just a tiny issue.

I notice that this sword was previously listed on Ebay for $320, but it passed in at that price. The seller has now dropped the price to a starting bid of $250 and a Buy it Now of $275, so you’ll get it at least $50 cheaper than it was previously listed. That’s a bargain since this is a pretty rare collector’s piece that is hard to find.

The link you need is below: 

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (via Ebay)

HALO 3 Covenant/Reach Titanium Color Energy Sword Replica

This is the 27″ Halo 3 Covenant Energy Sword (Type 1) prop replica.

It comes with a black wall plaque for easy display.

Note that the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t made from titanium, it’s made from 440 stainless steel blades that are heat treated to obtain a titanium like color. This treatment causes the color to shift when different angles of lighting are applied, which is very cool.

The ABS material handle has stunning detail, accurate design and size, and is pretty well built.

Normally you’d pay around $59.95 for this, but one seller on Ebay has a few items in stock brand new for only $49.95. It’s only a small saving but it’s still a bargain for a pretty nice prop replica display, so I say go for it at the link below:

HALO 3 Covenant 27″ Titanium Color Type 1 Energy Sword Replica