Limited Edition THE PHANTOM Jungle Bowie Knife Prop Replica (Museum Replicas)

This is Museum Replicas’ limited edition Phantom Jungle Bowie Knife Prop Replica.

Released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the comic about ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ this is becoming a hard to find Phantom collectible.

The Phantom’s Jungle Bowie knife features a hand forged, high carbon steel blade with full tang for strength.

It also features nickel-plated full metal parts and real wood grip with lacquer to prevent rot (should you ever want to use it, like for real, in the jungle).

This replica weapon is a high end prop that measures approximately 13-inches long.

Comes with a custom display box with metal accent.

Get it for $279.99 from either of the following links, but you’ll have to hurry – I can only find 2 of these available for sale.

Limited Edition THE PHANTOM Jungle Bowie Knife Prop Replica (via Amazon)

Limited Edition THE PHANTOM Jungle Bowie Knife Prop Replica (via Ebay)


Okay, get your bank balance ready, because this Spider-Man prop is the real deal.

It’s the original Green Goblin Trident as used by Willem Dafoe during the filming of Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man .

Obviously this is rare and a one-of-a-kind. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Prop Store Ultimate Movie Collectibles who are known for supplying nothing but the best original props.

Unfortunately when it comes to real movie prop weapons sometimes they don’t come in near mint condition. In the case of this trident, it does have some paint loss from screen use and age. It has also undergone some minor repairs on the spike ends (professionally performed repairs).

That said, this is no ordinary prop weapon. The original Green Goblin Mask worn by Dafoe sold for $27,000!

The Trident is available to a serious collector for $11,995.

See more images and/or buy it for yourself at the link below: 

SPIDER-MAN (2002) Green Goblin Trident Prop (Original, used by Willem Dafoe)

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (Museum Replicas)

This is Museum Replica’s reproduction of the one handed sword wielded by Reynald de Chatillon (played by Brendan Gleeson) in Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic adventure film Kingdom of Heaven.

One of four Kingdom of Heaven swords that were licensed by Museum Replicas, this is rare and hard to find fully tempered, high carbon steel bladed sword replica.

Measures 40 1/4″ overall and features a grooved hardwood handle with highly detailed pommel and antique brass finish straight crossguard.

Comes with a matching wall plaque and certificate of authenticity, although in this case the seller has noted that the COA has a bend in it. Still, you can’t get these anywhere anymore so that’s just a tiny issue.

I notice that this sword was previously listed on Ebay for $320, but it passed in at that price. The seller has now dropped the price to a starting bid of $250 and a Buy it Now of $275, so you’ll get it at least $50 cheaper than it was previously listed. That’s a bargain since this is a pretty rare collector’s piece that is hard to find.

The link you need is below: 

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Sword of Reynald Prop Replica (via Ebay)

Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear Prop Replica Master Replicas

Here’s a secondhand but still in mint condition life-size Predator Spear Prop Replica based on the weapon used by the Predator in Predator 2.

This is an incredibly detailed copper finish reproduction of the Predator spear, also referred to as the “Combi-Stick”, as produced by Master Replicas.

It is a limited edition item of only 2,500 in the world. 


  • Full length 1:1 scale spear (measures approximately 32″ long x 3.25″ diameter)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Oval wall display plaque with nameplate
  • Limited Edition: 2500 (each item is number on a custom display case)
  • Copper finish with sea green grip

The spear does not extend and has no electronic parts, but looks fantastic and is a highly sought after Predator weapon replica.

Watch a review of this awesome collectible:


These are a pretty rare commodity these days. I found one new one still available via Amazon and three secondhand ones available via Ebay. The images above are from the one on Ebay that is in near mint condition, although the seller of that one is in the UK. Still, for the price, it is the best pick of the bunch. 

Nonetheless, I’ll give you all the links I could find (with what I think is the best one at the top): 

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $322.70)

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $330)

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (S/H via Ebay, $349.99)

And the only new one that I can find, via Amazon: 

PREDATOR 2 Spear Prop Replica

Limited Edition Life Size PREDATOR 2 Predator Spear (New via Amazon, $899.99)

A heads up all you serious collectors out there, this is not one to miss!

NBC Universal produced 500 COWBOYS AND ALIENS Wrist Blaster prop replicas but only released 200 to the general public. 

This is a very rare movie weapon replica based on the wrist blaster weapon used by Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) in director Jon Favreau’s sci-fi blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens.

Features include:

  • two switch-activated LED lights that simulate laser effects
  • attaches with an easy-to-secure velcro closure
  • comes packaged in an exclusive wooden Cowboys and Aliens storage box
  • is limited edition of only 200
  • made of lead-free zinc alloy.

I found one of these on Ebay for $159.99. You can check that out at the link below: 

Limited Edition COWBOYS AND ALIENS Wrist Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay, $159.99)

Now, here’s the good news. If you’re thinking $159.99 is a good price for what is becoming a very rare collector’s piece, you’d be right. Which is why getting this  at nearly half that price is exceptional. And that’s what you can do right now via NBC Universal’s own official listing on Amazon at the link below: 

Cowboys & Aliens Wrist Blaster (via Amazon, $79.20)

You don’t see many of these go up for sale. It’s a pity that there’s a slight chip on the base and that the unit has some scratches.

Nevertheless, this is a RARE Franklin Mint Limited Edition STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE Nine Cardassian Disruptor that is severely hard to find.

It’s a definite collector’s item with or without the scratches, but especially so for an avid collector with the ability to touch up the damage you can see it has in the image.

This was produced by Franklin Mint. I believe when they were originally released they came with a Certificate of Authenticity. I would drop a message to the seller to see if they still have that (although it is also obvious from the image that this is an authentic version).

This is a Limited Edition, 30th Anniversary model of the Cardassian sidearm that was produced in 1998. It is displayed in a clear lucite display attached to a black base.

Note that this item was previously listed with a price of $200. It’s now listed with a significantly reduced bid price of $49.95. 

You can get it at the link below:

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 Cardassian Disruptor Phaser (Franklin Mint, Ebay Auction) 

If you’re looking to get all of the STAR TREK Phaser and Disruptor’s released by Franklin Mint there’s a private sale for an entire collection going on for $700. It’s not on Ebay, it’s via Toronto classifieds site Kijiji. But if you want to check it out, here’s the link you need:

STAR TREK Franklin Mint Phaser and Disruptor Collection (Private classified ad, Kijiji)

Now this is one sweet opportunity to get an awesome replica weapon.

It’s a rare and high quality prop replica kit of the Colonial Marines Pulse Rifle used to kill a zillion Xenomorph’s in James Cameron’s 1986 blockbuster Aliens.

Crafted by SpatCave Studios, this is a 16 piece kit with parts made from high quality solid cast black resin with no fillers or additives.

You get all 16 parts along with detailed instructions on assembling the kit. Those instructions include a link to an assembly process photo and video tutorial.
Unlike other kits you may find out there, this kit is made from black resin, not white. In other words, if you scratch it, it won’t have an ugly white scratch where a cool black scratch should be.  
Check out the gun disassembled:
Also features a working trigger and an LED Pulse Counter that lights up to “95”.  2 AA Batteries are required (but not included).
Talk about awesome prop replica weapon kits, this one is surely one of the best looking.
You can buy it now for $200, or place a bid to try and snap it up within $50 less of that (starting bid is $150).
It’s only just been posted to Ebay, so if you’re quick, it’s yours.  
Get it at the link below while it lasts:

ALIENS Colonial Marines Pulse Rifle Prop Replica Kit (via Ebay)

Opportunities to pick up rare prop replicas like this don’t come along every day.

This is a life-size Stargate SG1 Jaffa Staff Weapon Prop Replica that came in a limited edition of only 195 pieces worldwide.

It’s modeled in high detail off the Jaffa Staff Weapon seen in what was one of the longest running sci-fi series of all time, and one of my favorite series of all time.

Produced by Lightspeed Fine Arts in 2003, this Jaffa staff weapon measures almost 9 feet in length and is hand-painted to production specifications.

The original run was limited to only 195 pieces worldwide. This one is number 74. 

Comes with the original set of stands for displaying proudly on a mantle or very long shelf.

Includes the original Certificate of Authenticity proving it is number #74 of the 195 run.

Suffice it to say, this is a rare chance to grab an amazing Stargate SG1 collectible.

The asking price is a Buy It Now of $1,099.95 on Ebay. 

Snap it up or check out more images at the link below: 

Life Size STARGATE SG1 Jaffa Staff Weapon Prop Replica (via Ebay)

If you’re a serious Blade Runner fan this collectible is beyond question one of the best around.

This is a rare, unopened CS&T All-Metal Worldcon (2010) Blade Runner M2019 CNC Blaster Prop Replica. So even though it’s second hand, because it is unopened it is basically new.

What makes this particularly special is that although it is a limited edition item of only 500 pieces (as per the plaque), this particular one falls into a sub-category where it’s technically a limited edition item of only 80 pieces. The reason is it was supplied to the seller directly by the craftsmen Richard Coyle himself who only made 80 of the 2010 models.

So this is technically No. #6 of a Limited Run of 80 – that makes it rare indeed. 

One of my favorite Blade Runner blasters is the Limited Edition Off World Manufacturing Deluxe M2019 CNC, but it’s true to say this one is definitely a notch above for screen accuracy and quality of materials. Whereas most M2019 CNC blasters have a good deal of plastic in their construction, this Coyle blaster is mostly made from metal.

If you didn’t already know, Richard Coyle is a master Prop Replica craftsmen who has made props for many films including Star Trek II, IV, V, VI.

This is the screen accurate version of the blaster with the proper screw instead of the weaver knob and wires hidden as they are on screen.

The rear trigger is functional as are all red and green LEDs.

Note that this is the only Blade Runner M2019 CNC Blaster Prop Replica with working green LEDs and molded off a real bulldog frame and receiver (the original prop was partially built from a real bulldog gun.)

It has non-functional .44 shells, and a true .44 bore barrel just like the original prop.

The barrel is filled 40% of the way with pewter to comply with gun laws, has no firing pin, etc.

This is a hand made blaster made by Richard Coyle. Each of the 80 blaster replicas he made reportedly took an entire week to finish (so as you can see, the Limited Edition run of 500 are not all the same, otherwise Coyle would have been working for a decade to make them!). That’s why these are the 2010 models, while the 2011 models make up the remainder (as he had additional help to complete them and they were no longer entirely hand crafted by Coyle).

How do you know this to be true? Because the sale of this prop replica includes a printout of an email from Coyle confirming it was made before Coyle brought on help to finish off his blasters, and a copy of the original receipt minus the dollar amount.

This is the most sought after Blade Runner Blaster prop replica on the market.

The blaster comes with a plexiglass display stand and plaque stating it’s blaster #6 of the CS&T “All Metal” Worldcon 2010 model.

Did you know the blaster it is modeled on sold for $225,000!

That makes the sale price on this model pretty low, at $1,790.

See more images, learn more, contact the seller, or buy this bad boy for yourself at the link below:

Richard Coyle Blade Runner Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay, $1,790)

If you love Xena: The Warrior Princess and you love replica fantasy weapons, this one’s gonna appeal to you.

It’s a rare, possibly Limited Edition Xena: The Warrior Princess Chakram Prop Replica that looks absolutely stunning. I say it is possibly a limited edition item because the seller hasn’t identified the manufacturer but from looking at it, it appears to be one of the 500 Limited Chakram’s produced by Pacific Renaissance Pictures. It’s hard to tell though, so if you want to buy it, I suggest shooting the seller an email to confirm. But you have to admit, it does look a lot like this:


The Chakram is a throwing weapon capable of ricocheting off objects and returning to the thrower. It is quite possibly the most iconic of all weapons in the hit series. You can read about the Chakram and its back story at the Hercules & Xena Wiki.

This particular Chakram prop replica is an awesome looking solid polished metal weapon based on the original weapon used by Lucy Lawless in season 1 of the series. It measures 9.5″ diameter and features Paua Shell inlays.

Note, however, that this is a prop replica. It’s not designed for use as a real weapon. It’s not sharp, and it’s not meant for role playing.

It is stated it was purchased brand new via The Time Capsule. It is also advertised as new. So I’m not sure if it’s used or new, but from the images it looks to be as new, at the very least. I also couldn’t find any record of Chakram’s via the Time Capsule (feel free to post any info on this that you might know in the comments).

It’s advertised with a Buy It Now price of $499.95. The link you need to check it out, contact the seller, and see more images, is below:

XENA: THE WARRIOR PRINCESS Chakram Prop Replica (on Ebay)