THE WALKING DEAD Michonne Katana Prop Replica Master Cutlery

Okay, now this is one sweet Katana sword prop replica.

It’s a Master Cutlery manufactured limited edition high-carbon steel replica of Michonne’s katana from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

I was hoping they’d release a prop replica of Michonne’s zombie chopping sword and they have – or at least they will. It’s due for release later this year (September 2013).

This is a limited edition replica of only 2,000 pieces.

Measures 42-inches long with a 27-inch long blade. Also features a genuine leather handle wraap.

Check out a shot of actress Danai Gurira as Michonne holding her katan in the hit show:

michonne the walking dead katana sword

If you want one it’ll set you back $199.99 which is a pretty decent price for what I’m sure will be a highly prized limited edition collector’s piece.

You can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth and via Ebay. There are other sellers on Ebay offering it at a higher price than $199.99. You can check out all the listings here.

300 Movie Sword Of Sparta Prop Replica (Master Cutlery)


Here’s a pretty good deal.

Amazon have knocked 33% off Master Cutlery’s prop replica of the Sword of Sparta. Previously $57.99 you can grab one now for only $39.04! That’s a bargain in anyone’s book.

Modeled off the sword featured in Zack Snyder’s 300, the Sword of Sparta is a realistic prop replica battle-damaged weapon with the following features:


  • 34.25″ Overall
  • Spartan Sword
  • Heat Tempered From Solid Carbon Steel
  • Cord Wrapped Handle
  • 27 inch blade
  • 34.25 total inches in length
  • 8 inch handle with hand guard
  • Authentic 300 movie replica

The link you need is here:

300 Sword of Sparta Prop Replica (Master Cutlery)

Check out Alice’s Sword from the movie Resident Evil. Based on the sword used by Milla Jovovich in the film.

This is a highly detailed and officially licensed Resident Evil sword prop replica from Master Cutlery.

It’s a full size sword measuring approximately 45 inches long.

Features a full tang stainless steel blade, chrome finished metal guard and rayskin handle.

Comes complete with a pommel stand in a chrome finish and collectible box packaging.

Sword bears the Umbrealla Corp logo.

Price is $199.99. Want it? Head over to Entertainment Earth at the link below: 

Resident Evil Alice Sword Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth!

How cool are these? Officially licensed Mastery Cutlery prop replica of the Resident Evil: Afterlife throwing stars used by Alice (Milla Jovovich).

Limited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide.

Alice’s Throwing Stars are a a full sized and highly detailed prop replica. Included are three stars that bear the Umbrella Corp logo and comes complete with a display case and certificate of authenticity.

Display case measures about 10-inches wide x 6-inches tall.

Get them for $69.95 before they sell out. 

Resident Evil Alice Throwing Stars Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth

Here we’ve got an officially licensed Master Cutlery produced Sucker Punch sword prop replica.

This is a full sized, highly detailed replica of the Katana used by Baby Doll (Emily Browning) in Zack Snyder’s fantasy film.

Features a stainless steel blade that is engraved with the same symbology as the one seen in the movie.

Also features a rayskin wrapped handle, ornate guard and gold snowflakes on the scabbard.

Measures approximately 43-inches long.

Limited edition of 2,000 pieces, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Comes with collectible box packaging. 

Want one? It’ll set you back a mere $154.99 at the link below: 

Sucker Punch Sword Prop Replica from Entertainment Earth.

EE are advertising they’ve got just one officially licensed RAMBO I: FIRST BLOOD 25th Anniversary Edition Survival Knife Prop Replica left for sale.

This is a sharp utilitarian replica weapon that comes with an actual survival kit inside the handle of knife (includes compass, matches and fishing weights, line and hook.)

Also features a top grain genuine leather belt sheath with leg tie.

Features a stainless steel 9-inch blade and guard, and with its cord-wrapped handle it measures a full 14-inches.

Get it packed inside a collectible box with a special silver foil.

It’s a Limited Edition knife replica of only 10,000 pieces.

It’s a great deal for only $79.99!

FIRST BLOOD (Rambo I) 25th Anniversary Edition Survival Knife Replica at Entertainment Earth


Of course, if stocks still last you can get a better deal at Amazon where a few are left at $67.99:

FIRST BLOOD (Rambo I) 25th Anniversary Edition Survival Knife Replica on Amazon

Entertainment Earth have just received a new shipment of Master Cutlery’s officially licensed Predator Knife Replica.

I believe this version was first released in 2008 (a year after the 20th Anniversary Edition version below).

The knife has a 14 3/4 inch stainless steel blade, a black, pakkawood handle. It measures 20 1/2 inches long in total and comes with a plain black wood display plaque.

If you want one it’ll cost you a reasonable $108.99 from EE.

This is where I’m compelled to say that I have a serious dislike of any prop replica that has the name of the movie slapped on it. I’d prefer my prop replica’s to be exact replica’s of the original – you can be sure this knife did not have PREDATOR written on the blade in the movie. 

I also need to point out that this prop replica is being marketed as the machete that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in the film (as the character Major “Dutch” Schaeffer). While true, Schwarzenegger used this for less screen time than other actors in the film who also used it. But I suppose he’s the bigger name for marketing purposes, so there you have it.

Most importantly, and something to be wary of, is the fact that I’m seeing this knife advertised incorrectly all over the place. EE have it as a “20th Anniversary Edition” Predator Knife which is not correct. The 20th Anniversary Predator Knife looks like this:

And here’s what it looks like with its display plaque:

I’m unable to find the 20th Anniversary Edition advertised by EE or anywhere for that matter, at least correctly. Ironically, there was a third version of this knife released by Master Cutlery, referred to as a Signature Edition Predator Knife. I found a 20th Anniversary Edition knife for sale on Amazon but under the title of Signature Edition – at least I think I did. Confused? Well, so am I, because either the advertisement has the wrong image or the wrong description. Assuming it’s the right image and the wrong description, you might be able to get the 20th Anniversary Knife for $109 at this link:

PREDATOR 20th Anniversary Knife Replica (advertised as a Signature Edition) on Amazon

Yes, that’s a big assumption, but for now I can’t find the 20th Anniversary Edition anywhere else.

Here’s an image of what the actual Signature Edition Predator Knife Prop Replica looks like:

Normally you could get the PREDATOR Dutch Signature Edition Knife at Entertainment Earth but as I write this they’re out of stock.

You can however get it on Amazon for $121. The link you need to an actual Dutch Signature Edition knife (and not one of the other editions falsely advertised) is below:

PREDATOR Dutch Signature Edition Knife Prop Replica on Amazon.

Note that the Signature Edition replica is a Limited Edition item of only 5,000 pieces, which kind of makes it the one to get in my eyes. The 20th Anniversary Edition replica was also limited to 5,000 pieces, but is quite difficult to find now.

Just to confuse you a little more, I found another link to a Signature Edition knife with an image of the 20th Anniversary Edition knife. If you’re specifically after the 20th Anniversary version, you might have luck at this link:

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai – Predator Knife Prop Replica


Only 5000 prop replica’s of Prince Nuada’s Sword, Spear and Dagger from the film HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY will be made available worldwide, and here’s your opportunity to get them all as a single set brand new.

Each prop replica is produced by Master Cutlery at 1:1 scale and is licensed and marketed by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

An exquisitely detailed replica of all three weapons used in the movie, this Gold Edition is made from the finest materials.

Each museum quality piece is individually serial numbered, and comes complete with a Hellboy II themed wall display plaque.

It’ll set you back $559.95 as a Buy-It-Now on Ebay at the link below:

HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY Prince Nuada Sword, Spear and Dagger Prop Replica Set (Gold Edition on Ebay)

But guess what, there are ways to get the same package only much, much cheaper. Here’s how you do it:

Buy the Hellboy 2 Prince Nuada Spear Gold Limited Edition on Amazon and at the same time buy the Hellboy 2 Prince Nuada Sword Gold Limited Edition on AmazonThe spear is priced at only $199.95 and the Sword is $122.62. The dagger comes as a bonus with the spear. So that means you’re getting the whole set for only $322.57, a whopping saving of $237. And yes, those items on Amazon are the exact same Limited Gold Edition prop replica’s, just sold separately. Or you could be crafty and just make an offer on Ebay for the same amount and see how you go.

The John Rambo Signature Edition Knife Replica from Master Cutlery is my second favorite of all the Rambo knives released to date. My favorite is the standard edition as I feel the signature on the blade makes it less of an accurate replica weapon – however the Standard Edition is not limited or individually numbered, so there’s that.

This is the knife used by Sylvester Stallone in RAMBO IV. It was also partly designed by Stallone specifically for the film.

The replica has been hand-forged with a high carbon(1060) steel blade. Includes top grain genuine leather belt sheath with leg tie and a Certificate of Authenticity that looks like the one below (noting that the number in the image below is the promo image from Master Cutlery and not the actual number of the prop replica on Ebay!):

You can grab one from Ebay for US$143.10 at the following link:

John Rambo Signature Edition Knife Replica (on Ebay)

UPDATE: I’ve found this going real cheap at Entertainment Earth for only $105.99:

Rambo IV John Rambo Signature Edition Prop Replica (at Entertainment Earth)