HALO 3 Covenant/Reach Titanium Color Energy Sword Replica

This is the 27″ Halo 3 Covenant Energy Sword (Type 1) prop replica.

It comes with a black wall plaque for easy display.

Note that the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t made from titanium, it’s made from 440 stainless steel blades that are heat treated to obtain a titanium like color. This treatment causes the color to shift when different angles of lighting are applied, which is very cool.

The ABS material handle has stunning detail, accurate design and size, and is pretty well built.

Normally you’d pay around $59.95 for this, but one seller on Ebay has a few items in stock brand new for only $49.95. It’s only a small saving but it’s still a bargain for a pretty nice prop replica display, so I say go for it at the link below:

HALO 3 Covenant 27″ Titanium Color Type 1 Energy Sword Replica

There’s an auction going on Ebay at the moment for a one-of-a-kind hand painted HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 (modified from the thick plastic HALO Rev-8 LARP Plasma Cannon).

It’s been painted to look steampunk/antique using several coats of paint (clear coated).

This was originally a toy which takes 2 AA batteries and gives a flash of light inside the barrel when it quick-fires up to 8 Nerf darts (yes, it’s made to be played with LARP’ing peoples!). Check out this video on how to mod the toy:


Going cheap-as-chips on Ebay for $39.99 at the link below: 

Steampunk HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 LARP (Toy Gun) Prop Replica