Check out this beautiful shot of a BABYLON 5 Earthforce Phased Plasma Gun (PPG) prop replica.

The shot comes from user C0mmand3rC0dy who put it up there for sale for $350 (it sold fast, as would be expected).

This weapon replica was originally a custom run kit by Nicksdad.

The gun is an all aluminum construction comprised of 17 machined components. Each component is secured with screws. Also boasts Pachmayr S&W “J” round frame handgun grips.

Add to that electronics (LED activated by trigger) and an Uncle Mike’s “Sidekick” hip holster.

I had to post the shot above as I sat and stared at it for around half an hour in a mixture of prop replica joygasm and complete “I missed out on getting it” sadness.

It’s a thing of beauty and a rare piece to find. 

It was only one day ago that I posted about the FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica kit.

Now an Ebay user has put up for sale an awesome finished 1:1 scale replica complete with a custom stand that also features a replica communicator (resin with metal rivets) and name plaque.

This is a cool one-of-a-kind prop replica that you won’t see anywhere else.

The seller states the pieces were from high quality, sharp and accuate molds and that the pistol was finshed with several thin coats of paint in which each layer was wetsanded with high grit sandpaper. The pistol itself was finished off with a silver speckled effect the same as the licensed replicas had.

He has it up for auction with a starting bid of $189. Here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica with Communicator and Display Stand on Ebay

STAR WARS fans! This is easily the best prop replica collectible I’ve posted since we launched the site. 

On Australian Ebay (but available for purchase worldwide) is a Super Rare PROTOTYPE 1:1 scale STAR WARS EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE DL 44 Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica by Master Replicas.

It is one of the first Star Wars props Master Replicas released and now a mega-rare collectible.

Apparently these Han Solo Blaster Prototypes were ONLY released to members of the Master Replicas board of directors. I’ve marked this as a “one-of-a-kind” because while only 3 of these are known to exist the current owner states it may even be the only complete one because some Prototypes did not come with display cases or paperwork. This one is complete and Guaranteed an original!

This very first Master Replicas Blaster is the holy grail of Han Solo Blaster’s as being a prototype it is basically in a class of its own.

Recreated from original Lucasfilm archival materials, including a detailed examination of the original filming prop, this replica is identical in every respect to the Blaster Han Solo uses onscreen in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE.

Hand assembled from machined die cast metal components, it features a working bolt action trigger/hammer and a precisely detailed German WWII scope.

Included is the foam presentation box and black sleeve cover!

All the paper work is included in the sale, including envelope, care instructions and Certificate of Authenticity. Also includes the Prototype plaque, the plaque stand, the custom designed Master Replicas blaster display stand and acrylic dust cover.

The seller claims it has been displayed in a glass cabinet free from dust in a pitch black, air-conditioned room and, most of all, that it is in mint condition, just like new.

It has never been handled by hands other than with cotton gloves when it first went on display and when it was packed up.

The bids started at only 99c, but as I write this they are up to $760. This is a high demand, rare collectible, so if you want it, this might be your only chance to get in and bid. The link you need is below (where you can also see a lot more images):

STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica (Rare Master Replica’s Prototype) on Ebay

One of my favorite all-time sci-fi TV Series is FARSCAPE, so I have a particular fond spot for this exact replica of the Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol.

Note that the Farscape Pulse Pistol pictured above is a finished build. The actual gun prop replica comes as an unassembled white-resin kit (inside a box that depicts the finished gun). The kit includes full instructions as well as an optional side scope attachment.

It is 1:1 scale made from casts of actual screen-used prop weapons.

Since these are resin kits, a little kit building experience is helpful for assembling and finishing the prop, although it is not absolutely necessary as these aren’t terribly involved. You’ll want to paint the gun and, if you’re a fan of Winona (John Crichton’s personal pulse pistol) then you’ll want to paint it black, no doubt.

At the time of this post one fan has already built the kit, painted it black, and put it up for sale on Ebay. Take a look:

If you want a shot at owning that (and thereby skip the kit building process), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (Assembled, Black) on Ebay ($99.99)

If you want to get it brand new in kit form (or just see more images), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (New, Kit Form, Unassembled) on Ebay (bid only)

My favorite of the upcoming Roddenberry releases of STAR TREK phaser guns is the Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol, but this Star Trek Starfleet Assault Phaser Prop Replica comes a close second.

It’s a 1:1 scale prop replica based on the phaser from STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER and STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY and it’ll become available in January 2012.

Features a removable energy-cell mag (power clip), 3 LED light effects, an on/off switch with “power on” sound effects, a sliding pistol hood, rapid fire.

Each pistol comes with an individually numbered Starfleet ID plate and a Certificate of Authenticity. Roddenberry aren’t specifying that it’s a limited edition weapon replica but given the numbering and authenticity certificate I’m going to assume it is.

It’ll set you back $699.99 (the same price as the Phase Pistol). The link to check it out is below:

STAR TREK Starfleet Assault Phaser Prop Replica (on Entertainment Earth).

Now this is kick-ass!

Coming in January 2012 from Roddenberry is the STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Phase Pistol Prop Replica.

It’s a 1:1 scale phaser replica produced using an original phase-pistol prop and hero-prop from the TV Series STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.  

This awesome looking STAR TREK weapon replica features authentic lights and sounds, a removable power cell, has a hinged body and a custom display stand. 

It was production mastered by Steve Horch, Michael Moore, Scott Brodeen, Kurt Zendler, and Robert Mannion.

Includes batteries (4 x AG13 (LR44).

This is easily my favourite of all the Star Trek phaser replica’s, at least in appearance.

It’ll set you back $699.99 and can be pre-ordered now.

STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Phase Pistol Prop Replica at Entertainment Earth!

As a long-time fan of the Hellblazer comic this hand- painted movie prop replica from CONSTANTINE is a weapon replica I definitely want.

Molded directly from a casting taken from the original mold produced for the stunt prop in the film, this is an accurate hand-painted life-sized movie replica of the Holy Shotgun used by Keanu Reeves in the film.

The shotgun is held in place by demon hands on a cold-cast porcelain base (note: the Shotgun is not removable from the base).

It’s a limited edition piece of only 500 worldwide and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Measures approximately 10″ high x10″ deep x23″ long and is packaged in an elegant black gift box with gold-foil stamping. 

I’ve seen this sell out at for between $275 and $350 around the traps, although finding it for sale now is almost impossible.

Not entirely impossible though, since I just found DC Comics have one on Amazon at a bargain price of only $199.94 (43% off!):

CONSTANTINE Movie The Shotgun Prop Replica (on Amazon)

Update September 12, 2013: There is one available on Ebay at the link below:

CONSTANTINE Holy Shotgun Prop Replica (via Ebay)

I fell in love with the MBS-9M Tri-Barreled Hydra Machine Gun in James Cameron’s AVATAR from the moment I saw it – and I’ve been quite disappointed to see that an officially licensed replica has yet to surface.

Perhaps so is London based model maker Neil Ellis who has taken it upon himself to produce a replica of this awesome Weta designed weapon .

Neil’s fan-made replica isn’t finished yet, but he’s started a thread over at for fans to follow his production progress.

The images below are just a sample of his latest happy snaps and I have to say how incredibly awesome it looks. Check it out:

You can see a ton more images and learn more from Neil posts about what’s going into the build at at

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

In the meantime, I should point out that Neil’s obvious talent isn’t limited to fan work. He’s worked on models for films such as HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.

You can check out Neil’s official website here.

There’s a few cool STAR TREK weapon replica’s coming in 2012, and this STAR TREK Original Series Phaser Rifle Prop Replica is no exception.

Arriving in January 2012 (but can be pre-ordered now), this collectible is a 1:1 scale replica of the phaser rifle using by Captain Kirk in the second episode of TOS, titled ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’.

It’s a screen accurate prop replica mastered using the original prop by Roddenberry, with strobing LED lights, sounds, a custom display stand, a rotating power selector and a certificate of authenticity.

Construction consists of resin castings, machined acrylic tubes, laser-cut acrylic, and cast aluminum parts.

Definitely one for the serious STAR TREK fan (and at $999.99 you’ll need to be serious!).

Click to view the STAR TREK Original Series Phaser Rifle Prop Replica at Entertainment Earth.

In addition to their GEARS OF WAR 3 : C.O.G. Snub Pistol Life Size Prop Replica, TriForce also have another awesome video game weapon replica on the way in December 2011: a Life-Size Mass Effect 3 : M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle.

Crafted and cast in polystone, the M-8 is hand-finished and hand-painted to TriForce’s usual precision quality.

It measures 12″ H (304.8mm) x 34″ L (863.6mm) and weighs in at 20 pounds.

The Mass Effect 3 1:1 Scale M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

It can be pre-ordered right now for $649.99. See more at the link below:

TriForce Mass Effect 3 : M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle Life Size Prop Replica