There’s an auction going on Ebay at the moment for a one-of-a-kind hand painted HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 (modified from the thick plastic HALO Rev-8 LARP Plasma Cannon).

It’s been painted to look steampunk/antique using several coats of paint (clear coated).

This was originally a toy which takes 2 AA batteries and gives a flash of light inside the barrel when it quick-fires up to 8 Nerf darts (yes, it’s made to be played with LARP’ing peoples!). Check out this video on how to mod the toy:


Going cheap-as-chips on Ebay for $39.99 at the link below: 

Steampunk HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 LARP (Toy Gun) Prop Replica

Ok, so imagine you’re a lucky FIREFLY and SERENITY fan who buys one of QMx’s awesome Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica’s. Then imagine that you want to carry it in a holster that perfectly matches Mal’s own.

Well thanks to this prop replica you can. Well, I assume you can. Both this holster and QMx’s pistol are said to be perfectly to scale, so it makes sense that you can, although I should point out that the holster was produced before the prop replica pistol, so since neither were specifically made to suit the other don’t blame me if something goes pear-shaped in this idea…

Anyway, moving right along. This meticulously crafted Artisan Replica is a super high-quality prop replica of Malcolm Reynold’s holster recreated by the leading expert on Firefly props, Karl Derrick.

The holster is hand-stitched and made from oak-tanned steer leather and solid brass.

It’s also a Limited Edition item, limited to just 500 pieces worldwide – it comes with a unique serial number permanently embossed into the leather to ensure authenticity.

The pistol not included, so if you want the pistol check out QMx’s Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica.

Karl Derrick has personally verified every aspect of this Mal Reynolds Holster Replica is a perfect match with the original screen-used holster rig.

Each replica holster is meticulously crafted by Karl himself in his United Kingdom leathersmithing shop, with the holster body and belt constructed entirely from 3.5mm heavyweight, oak-tanned steer leather.

The traditionally slow-tanned, full-grain leather comes from a small family tannery and is custom dyed to specifications. The two custom colors for the rig are recorded in the tannery’s dye formula book as ‘Malhogany’ for the holster and ‘Kind of Brown’ for the belt.

The holster’s graceful vintage lines draw the eye from the triple-thickness, businesslike reverse shank, past the rugged girth strap, following the heavy-duty but elegantly stitched main seam, to the traditional open muzzle.

For FIREFLY and SERENITY fans, this holster is a must. Get it at the link below for $425.95: 

FIREFLY SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Holster Prop Replica

Here’s an awesome prop replica at a reasonably cheap price ($74.99) coming in April 2012 from Quantum Mechanix.

It’s a 1:1 scale polystone cast (with metal-plated parts) screen-accurate replica of Captain Malcolm Reynolds’ ‘Mal Pistol’ from the TV Series FIREFLY and the feature film SERENITY. 

It was created from the mold of the original Firefly/Serenity Pistol carried in the series and film by fan-loved actor Nathan Fillion.

Obviously non-firing, this prop replica is superbly detailed and includes hand-painted simulated wood grips and a weathered brass-style finish.

It measures 14″ long and comes with a black display base and two “floating” acrylic risers.

You can get it at the link below:

FIREFLY/SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica (at Entertainment Earth)

Note that Entertainment Earth don’t have this item listed as a limited edition, but most authorized QMx dealers do, so I’m going to err on the side of caution and call this a limited edition piece. In which case I’m also going to agree with the QMx authorized dealer selling this prop replica on eBay at the link below that this is going to sell out fast.

FIREFLY/SERENITY Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Prop Replica (on Ebay)

This is Factory Entertainment’s 1:1 scale replica of the iconic Golden Gun carried by Francisco Scaramanga in the 1974 James Bond movie THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN.

This officially licensed prop replica is composed of machined-metal construction and plated with real 18kt gold. Best of all it can be assembled or disassembled into its component parts just as the original prop could be.

The Golden Gun comes with a display stand, acrylic cover, certificate of authenticity, detailed prop story booklet, and numbered plaque.

It’s a limited edition of 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Update February 28, 2013: New article with additional information posted here.

Coming from Roddenberry in February 2012 is an accurate phaser prop replica from STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.

This awesome life-size phaser replica, produced by the artisans at HMS Studios from the original casting created by Industrial Light and Magic, features digital sound effects, screen-accurate LED light effects, and removable Type I Phaser.. 

It comes with an exclusive display stand and certificate of authenticity.

It’ll set you back $599.99. Check it out at the link below:

UPDATE: I’ve left the original link in below to show where I got my info from, but as of this update this phaser is unavailable. 

STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK Phaser Prop Replica (at Entertainment Earth)

Quantum Mechanix’ U.S.S. Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica is a 1:1 scale, screen-accurate replica of the stunt phaser used in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 re-imagined STAR TREK (also referred to as STAR TREK XI).

This STAR TREK Phaser Replica has been cast from a first-generation master of the screen-used phaser.

It is made with a solid polystone core that is precision metal-plated in several finishes – steel, gunmetal, aluminum block and chrome.

The Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica measures 10.5″ long x 7″ high (grip included) and weighs more than one pound.

It comes with a custom-designed display stand in smoke-colored lucite and includes a brass name plaque. 

Here’s a few links to help you find one:

STAR TREK XI Enterprise Metal-Plated 1:1 Phaser Replica (backorder at Sideshow Collectibles $49.99)

STAR TREK XI Enterprise Metal-Plated 1:1 Phaser Replica (on Amazon $36.16)

STAR TREK XI Enterprise Metal-Plated 1:1 Phaser Replica (on Ebay $39.99)

STAR TREK XI Enterprise Metal-Plated 1:1 Phaser Replica (at Entertainment Earth $40.99)

Judge Dredd fans take notice of this prop replica up for sale on Ebay in the UK.

It’s an exact custom 1:1 Hero Lawgiver prop replica of the gun used by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 film JUDGE DREDD.

The seller claims the cast is the cleanest you will ever see and that it’s 100% functional (which, of course, doesn’t mean it’s 100% functional like the movie gun…just that it’s a functional prop where the slide racks every time the trigger is pulled and the magazine is removable).

The barrel in made of metal and all windows as well as the scope are glass inserts (not painted).

The paint job is also custom and matches the Hero version exactly.

The slide stays open as well.

The seller claims this is the nicest Lawgiver replica that has ever been offered on Ebay and he’s probably right. It’s certainly one of the best I’ve seen.

But it is a one-of-a-kind, so whoever snaps it up at $999.99 is going to be one lucky collector, especially since it comes with a custom made screen accurate BOOK OF LAW.

The link you need to get it is below:

JUDGE DREDD Hero Lawgiver Prop Replica with Custom Book of Law on Ebay!

Here’s a nice 1:1 scale prop replica of Han Solo’s DL44 Blaster up for sale on Ebay.

It’s an individually customized version of the Rubies Han Solo DL44 Blaster Prop Replica. Those Rubies blaster replicas are hard to find, it seems, but to give you an idea this blaster originally looked something like this:

You can also get check out the Rubies Han Solo Blaster Replica on Amazon (which is possibly what this mod was created from). You can pick one of those up for only $12!

So as you can see, this is a really great looking mod compared to the original!

The seller advises the blaster includes extra pieces that were not on the original prop to give it a more realistic look. That includes additional custom scope pieces (and retains the original electronic movie sound effects).

The original Rubies prop replica has been completely refinished, sanded, has multiple coats of paint, has been weathered, clear coated, and also weighted to match a stunt pistol (not as heavy as a hero prop though).

It was also finished by a professional prop builder.

Since this is a Rubies prop that has been individualized, it is a one of a kind Han Solo Blaster!

It also comes with an exclusive 2.65″ X 4″ fully laminated Blaster permit as a FREE Bonus (sized to fit as a nice display piece or to be carried in your wallet).

This is a great deal at only $89.95! The link you need is below:

STAR WARS ANH Han Solo DL44 Blaster Movie Prop Replica

Although the BLADE RUNNER M2019 Deluxe Blaster is sweet, my personal preference is for this Limited Edition M2019C Blaster prop replica which, to me, is just that little bit sweeter.

Like the deluxe model, this blaster is produced entirely from ABS plastic and diecast metal with absolutely no resin parts. It also features a working primary trigger, bolt action, swing out cylinder and 5 working LEDs. The markings on the receiver are laser etched and read (left side: COMPANY LOGO & L.A.P.D. MODEL 2019 B.R.U. 10MM CASELESS), (right side: MADE IN OFFWORLD and ser.# 0316).

This was a Limited Edition of only 500 and now you can score one of those brand new, still in an unopened box.

This “C” model version has the 5th LEDs on the bottom of the ammo plate, a square off ejection port, side plate cut out to view the cylinder, an LED switch for easy ON/OFF access.

The Upper receiver, triggers, hammer, and all the internal screws/springs are metal.

Weighs about 2 lbs and takes a CR1220 button battery (you’ll have to buy the battery separately). 

Check out a short video of this beauty:


Buy this (for $599 at the link below) and it’ll add a thing of beauty to your weapon prop replica collection.

BLADE RUNNER M2019C Blaster Prop a Master Replica on Ebay

This is Off World Manufacturing’s very cool BLADE RUNNER M2019 Blaster Prop Replica (Deluxe Model).

Features true etching from the original prop with an anodized black upper receiver (for better quality and realism).

Like their Limited Edition M2019C Blaster, It has the 5th LED on the bottom of the ammo plate.

Also features a square off ejection port, side plate cut out to view the cylinder, and relocated LED switch for easy ON/OFF access.

The Upper receiver, triggers, hammer, and all the internal screws/springs are metal. Better yet, it has a working primary trigger, bolt action, 5 working LED’s, and a swing out cylinder. The markings on the receiver are laser etched with Off-World MFG wording. 

Produced entirely out of ABS plastic and Diecast metal, this blaster weighs in at around 2 lbs. That’s right – no resin parts.

Battery is a CR1220 button battery.

If you want it it’s on Ebay with a Buy-It-Now price of $329.99 at the link below.

Blade Runner Blaster M2019 Deluxe Prop Replica on Ebay