TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 1/2 Scale Plasma Rifle Replica

If the funds needed to grab one of those life size Terminator 2 plasma rifles are out of the question for you then consider one of these 1/2 scale Terminator 2 plasma rifle replicas. 

Manufactured by Hollywood Collectibles and based on a real screen used Plasma Rifle as a reference, these 15″ long resin replicas are made perfectly to scale.

Comes complete with a high quality display stand which is individually hand numbered with the edition size.

This Terminator 2 half scale plasma rifle was also HC’s first “Hollywood Armory” line of 1:2 scale movie weapons.

Although limited to 750 pieces and sold out from most vendors you can still find a handful of these via the following links: 

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 1/2 Scale Plasma Rifle (Ebay)

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 1/2 Scale Plasma Rifle (Hollywood Collectibles on Amazon)

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Life Size 40 Watt Endo Plasma Rifle Prop Replica

Manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles, this is an authentic life-size prop replica of the 40 Watt Endo Plasma Rifle featured in James Cameron’s 1991 hit film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Only 500 of these awesome plasma rifle replicas were ever made and were an instant sell out.

The replica was cast directly from a screen-used prop and was non-functional.

Each one came with a detailed display base featuring the T2 logo. 

These are a rare replica weapon collectible but as of writing this post there is an opportunity to get one of two that are advertised by Ebay vendors via the following link:

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Life Size 40 Watt Endo Plasma Rifle Prop Replica (Ebay)


This is DC Direct’s prop replica of Rorschach’s Grappling Gun and Mask from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen .

Both the mask and gun were created from the actual digital files and pattern that were used to create the pieces used in the movie.

The display base features a Rorschach pattern. Unfortunately the gun is attached to it permanently. Not sure why DC Direct did that to be honest, especially since the mask itself is removable. Go figure. Still looks cool.

The entire piece measures approximately 10.5″ high x 13.25″ wide x 8″ deep, and is packaged in a 4-color box.

Get it new via Amazon at a discounted price of $185.79 at the link below:

WATCHMEN Rorschach Gun & Mask Prop (via Amazon)

If you want it cheaper than that, there’s a secondhand one with a starting bid of $150 on Ebay: 

WATCHMEN Rorschach Gun & Mask Prop (via Ebay)

Limited Edition James Bond MOONRAKER Laser Prop Replica

This is Factory Entertainment’s prop replica of the laser weapon featured in the 1979 James Bond classic Moonraker.

This is a highly detailed, highly authentic reproduction of the original laser prop that was created by EON Productions. EON’s archives were used to ensure this replica maintains the exact casting asymmetry of the original, including details that weren’t completely visible on screen. Factory Entertainment conducted exhaustive study and referenced hundreds of photographs, original production drawings and blueprints.

Triggers were deliberately omitted to allow actors wearing thick astronaut style gloves to use the props, and so this prop comes without a trigger for authenticity.

Backstory to the original Moonraker laser prop:

The laser prop is first seen being used by an MI6 operative disguised as a monk in a Brazilian field office. Many more of them are later seen during the climatic final battle sequence, both as hand held weapons and mounted onto US Marines’ space walk apparatus. The original props were resin and rubber with no moving parts. They were specially constructed for the film by the EON Productions prop department, and a large number of them were crafted. The body was constructed around a casting taken from an ‘Uzi’ machine gun. Various real world parts, including plumbing supplies, were then added to complete the fantasy look. Laser effects seen on screen were added later during post production using a complex and labor-intensive animation technique known as ‘rotoscoping’. Totally cutting edge at the time the process has been all but been replaced by modern digital effects today. The laser also featured heavily in the films marketing and promotion and is seen being wielded by Bond in the iconic illustrated poster artwork.

There’s no doubt that this replica is visually indistinguishable from the original. However, a heavier weight polyresin and an internal support frame have been employed on the replica to give it more heft and strength than the original.

Additional features:

  • A museum quality display stand
  • A numbered limited edition plaque
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Detailed prop story booklet
  • Full color box designed to emulate the distinctive ‘Drax Enterprise Corp’ shipping crates seen in the film.

This weapon replica is currently in production, but can be pre-ordered via Ebay at the link below for $299.95:

Limited Edition James Bond MOONRAKER Laser Prop Replica (Ebay)

TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica

This is the Hollywood Collectibles Group’s (HCG) Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Studio Scale Prop Replica based on the blaster seen in the 2012 film Total Recall.


  • Limited Edition of 600
  • Life Size, 1:1 Scale
  • Includes Custom Display Plaque with nameplate
  • Officially licensed by Hollywood Collectibles Group
  • Measures 10″ long
  • Includes original paperwork

Description by Hollywood Collectibles Group

To celebrate the theatrical release of the new Sci Fi Blockbuster movie Total Recall, we are very pleased to present our prop replica of the hero blaster used extensively throughout the movie. This amazing replica was molded directly from a screen used blaster to ensure complete accuracy, and comes complete with a green light up LED light under the barrel – just like the original! This Museum Quality prop replica is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail. The blaster is approx 10″ long and comes complete with display stand with Total Recall nameplate.

Get it via Ebay at the link below for $199.95:

Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica (via Ebay)

or via Amazon for the same price: 

Limited Edition TOTAL RECALL 1:1 Scale Blaster Prop Replica (via Amazon)

THE FIFTH ELEMENT Korben Dallas Blaster 1:1 Prop Replica (HCG)

This is Hollywood Collectibles Group’s (HCG) limited edition “Korben Dallas Blaster” from the 2007 sci-fi film The Fifth Element.


  • Limited to 1,000 units world wide
  • 1:1 Studio Scale Prop Replica
  • Includes Custom Display Plaque
  • Weighs 2.5lbs
  • Measures 10″
  • Original weapon feel and heft has been reproduced exactly
  • Officially licensed by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

Description by Hollywood Collectibles Group

The universe needs a hero, and in New York City of the 23rd Century, a good hero is hard to find. Korben Dallas, a former major in the Federated Army’s elite special forces unit, must get Leeloo – the perfect being, and the other four elemental stones to the temple in Egypt in time to prevent the Ultimate Evil destroying all life on earth. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Oscar nominated Science Fiction classic, we have produced what is perhaps the ultimate prop replica from this movie – the Korben Dallas Blaster. To ensure authenticity it has been molded directly from the screenused “Hero” live firing blaster used in the movie extensively by both Korben Dallas and Leeloo.

Note that this prop replica weapon has already sold out, but you can get one via a reseller on Ebay for $199.95, and it’s still brand new:

Limited Edition THE FIFTH ELEMENT Korben Dallas Blaster 1:1 Prop Replica (Ebay)

BATMAN BEGINS Grapnel Gun Prop Replica

This is a replica of Batman’s Grapnel Gun from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

Batman’s Grapnel Gun was used by the Dark Knight to move from the ground to the rooftops of Gotham City.

This replica comes from the Noble Collection who have produced a number of props from the Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.

This is a full scale gun replica that measures 16″ in length (including a display) and weighs 8.2 pounds.

There’s a couple of these floating around, usually going for somewhere between $190 and $290 (yes, that much of a difference). The best price going at the moment is via Amazon:

BATMAN BEGINS Grapnel Gun Prop Replica (via Amazon, $174.99)

Here’s an interesting collectible for fans of James Cameron’s Aliens. 

It’s a Heckler & Koch VP-70 pistol, the same as that used by the Colonial Marines in the 1986 sci-fi film. According to the IMFDB, this gun is notably seen in the hands of Private Frost (Ricco Ross) just before the aliens attack. Cpl. Ferro (Colette Hiller) attempts to draw hers from its holster, but is unable to in time when an alien gets aboard her ship. Lieutenant Gorman (William Hope) uses one to shoot at aliens during the airshaft scene.

This one comes with a full color distressed and weathered wall plaque that has been clear coated with a matte finish.

The VP-70 itself is made from resin and can be removed from the display.

Now, I have no idea who made this. I’m guessing it’s a one of a kind, fan made display. The reason I’m posting it is because it’s gone up for auction on Ebay with a pretty low starting price of only $79.95, and I’m sure if you can get it for anything near that it will be great addition to any Aliens collection. Especially since the weapon itself looks pretty damn legit!

The link you need to bid or check out more images is below: 

ALIENS Colonial Marines Heckler & Koch VP-70 Pistol Replica

You don’t see many of these go up for sale. It’s a pity that there’s a slight chip on the base and that the unit has some scratches.

Nevertheless, this is a RARE Franklin Mint Limited Edition STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE Nine Cardassian Disruptor that is severely hard to find.

It’s a definite collector’s item with or without the scratches, but especially so for an avid collector with the ability to touch up the damage you can see it has in the image.

This was produced by Franklin Mint. I believe when they were originally released they came with a Certificate of Authenticity. I would drop a message to the seller to see if they still have that (although it is also obvious from the image that this is an authentic version).

This is a Limited Edition, 30th Anniversary model of the Cardassian sidearm that was produced in 1998. It is displayed in a clear lucite display attached to a black base.

Note that this item was previously listed with a price of $200. It’s now listed with a significantly reduced bid price of $49.95. 

You can get it at the link below:

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 Cardassian Disruptor Phaser (Franklin Mint, Ebay Auction) 

If you’re looking to get all of the STAR TREK Phaser and Disruptor’s released by Franklin Mint there’s a private sale for an entire collection going on for $700. It’s not on Ebay, it’s via Toronto classifieds site Kijiji. But if you want to check it out, here’s the link you need:

STAR TREK Franklin Mint Phaser and Disruptor Collection (Private classified ad, Kijiji)

Looking for a prop replica of the Star Trek Original Series Phaser? Then don’t look past this.

In terms of price, Art Asylum’s Star Trek Original Series Phaser Prop Replica (pictured above) is definitely now at the top of the list for best value for money Original Series phasers around. That’s because Amazon has knocked a whopping 37% off what they’ve got in stock! Once $199, you can get it right now for only $124.99. That’s an absolute bargain that I’ve been unable to find matched anywhere else and well worth it when you consider the fact that this particular phaser has long been out of production.

How accurate is this? Well, there’s usually a bit of a debate when it comes to the accuracy of Star Trek phaser prop replicas. Often there’s confusion between what is ‘screen accurate’ and what is ‘set accurate’. As in, what did it look like on set versus what did the phaser look like on screen.

In the case of Art Asylum’s phaser, there’s no debate that it is definitely set accurate since this exact prop replica was used as a prop in the Enterprise Season 4 Episode 18: In a Mirror Darkly.

Get it at the link below:

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES Phaser Prop Replica (by Art Asylum, Amazon, $124.99)

Of course, there is also Buy It Now listing on Ebay for one of these at $109. The seller claims it is new and unopened, however no images have been uploaded. Still, if it’s legit, you may want to check it out by giving the Seller a message.

The link you need for that is here:

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES Phaser Prop Replica (by Art Asylum, via Ebay, $109)