It was only one day ago that I posted about the FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica kit.

Now an Ebay user has put up for sale an awesome finished 1:1 scale replica complete with a custom stand that also features a replica communicator (resin with metal rivets) and name plaque.

This is a cool one-of-a-kind prop replica that you won’t see anywhere else.

The seller states the pieces were from high quality, sharp and accuate molds and that the pistol was finshed with several thin coats of paint in which each layer was wetsanded with high grit sandpaper. The pistol itself was finished off with a silver speckled effect the same as the licensed replicas had.

He has it up for auction with a starting bid of $189. Here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol Prop Replica with Communicator and Display Stand on Ebay

One of my favorite all-time sci-fi TV Series is FARSCAPE, so I have a particular fond spot for this exact replica of the Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol.

Note that the Farscape Pulse Pistol pictured above is a finished build. The actual gun prop replica comes as an unassembled white-resin kit (inside a box that depicts the finished gun). The kit includes full instructions as well as an optional side scope attachment.

It is 1:1 scale made from casts of actual screen-used prop weapons.

Since these are resin kits, a little kit building experience is helpful for assembling and finishing the prop, although it is not absolutely necessary as these aren’t terribly involved. You’ll want to paint the gun and, if you’re a fan of Winona (John Crichton’s personal pulse pistol) then you’ll want to paint it black, no doubt.

At the time of this post one fan has already built the kit, painted it black, and put it up for sale on Ebay. Take a look:

If you want a shot at owning that (and thereby skip the kit building process), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (Assembled, Black) on Ebay ($99.99)

If you want to get it brand new in kit form (or just see more images), here’s the link you need:

FARSCAPE Pulse Pistol (New, Kit Form, Unassembled) on Ebay (bid only)