This is Windlass Studio’s excellent Assassins Creed Sword of Altair Prop Replica based on the video game of the same name.

I think this particular Sword of Altair is going to be a highly sought after collectible, especially once the Assassins Creed feature film is released. It’s not a limited edition, but it’s also getting harder and harder to find. 

It’s a sleek weapon of the assassin, which is a fully functional prop replica, features:
  • a high carbon steel blade
  • an eagle-headed pommel and winged crossguard
  • a wooden scabbard covered in brown suede
  • a suede wrapped handle
  • an overall length of 38″ with a blade length of 30-5⁄8″ long, 1-3⁄8″ wide, 3⁄16″ thick
  • and a weight of 2 lbs/10 oz
  • manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts (who have been producing high quality swords since 1943)

The best price on this I’ve found is via Entertainment Earth who have it for $179.99. However, if you want it at that price, or at all for that matter, you’ll have to hurry because they only have one left at the time of writing this post. The link you need is below:

Assassins Creed Sword of Altair Replica (via Entertainment Earth, $179.99)

Remember, this is not a latex LARP weapon. This is a fully functional blade!

If you’re into Live Action Role Play (LARP) weapons and you love the Airship Pirates franchise, you’ll want to take a look at this exotic looking steampunk airship pirate cutlass from Museum Replicas.

It’s a high quality, latex replica weapon of the weapon featured in the game, only with a realistic look and finish.

It is definitely safer to use this for LARP than it is to look at on your computer, well maybe not quite. But it is safer to use than a metal prop replica of the Airship Pirates Cutlass, which this isn’t. So there’s that.

Measures: Overall: 37″, Blade: 25″ 

Get it at the link below:

Steampunk Airship Pirate Latex Cutlass from Entertainment Earth ($69.99)

Check out Epic Weapons’ World of Warcraft (WOW) Doomhammer prop replica. I can drool over this image all day long.

This is an authentic forged steel prop replica of the WOW Doomhammer that is designed to act as a serious collectors piece. It is not the LARP Doomhammer which is out of stock everywhere at this time and as such isn’t intended for use, unless you consider ‘use’ as looking damn cool in your replica weapon collection.

It has more than 30 independent parts including a 3” grip wrapped in genuine leather.

Just look at the image above. It’s ridiculously obvious that Epic Weapons’ master craftsmen have crafted this Doomhammer to look and feel like the real thing.  

Weighs a hefty 18 lbs. The hammer head is 7” square, and 10” from side to side. Features the Wolf emblem.

The base, which weighs a nice 8 lbs, is shown in the image above and is included. The base is, according to Epic Weapons, “The ultimate accessory to the ultimate replica, the DOOMHAMMER BASE is a museum-quality stand, pre-assembled and ready for display. Hand sculpted to mimic the broken terrain of cooled, molten rock, the DOOMHAMMER BASE is cast in reinforced resin and is finished with a layers of satin black paint and a clear, acrylic sealant for durability.”

If you want to see more images there are a ton attached to the Ebay listing, which has the Doomhammer with base priced with a Buy it Now of $419, although the seller will look at offers of less than that.

Check it out at the following link: 

Epic Weapons WOW Authentic Doomhammer and Base Set Prop Replica on Ebay

If you want the Doomhammer without the base it is available at Entertainment Earth for $349.99. You’ll have to be fast though, they’ve only got 1 left. Click the image below if you want to check that out:


World of Warcraft Doomhammer Prop Replica

Here’s another awesome prop replica from Windlass Studios based on the knife designs in the hit video game ASSASSINS CREED!

This is a replica of the Assassin Fighting Knife. It boasts a sleek positive grip and decorative, high carbon steel blade that the pictures above don’t do any justice. 

It is also advertised is coming with suede belt.

You can get it for $129.99 at the link below:

ASSASSINS CREED Fighting Knife Replica at Entertainment Earth.

There’s some cool GEARS OF WAR prop replicas floating around, and this one’s no exception.

It’s an insanely detailed foam replica of the GEARS OF WAR Butcher Cleaver.

The Cleaver is 3 feet in length and features a detailed diamond plate textured handle.

Made of highly durable polyurethane foam and hand painted with battle worn deco.

Pretty good for only $40.75. Get it here:

GEARS OF WAR Butcher Cleaver Prop Replica (NECA) on Amazon

Here’s a heavy duty high-carbon steel prop replica of knife (and suede scabbard) from the video game ASSASSINS CREED.

Produced by Windlass Studios, this video game prop replica is really meant to form a part of a costume than anything else – the sheath has a clip for attaching it to your belt..

It’s pretty cheap at $36.99. Get it at the link below.

ASSASSINS CREED Knife and Sheath Replica at Entertainment Earth

There’s an auction going on Ebay at the moment for a one-of-a-kind hand painted HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 (modified from the thick plastic HALO Rev-8 LARP Plasma Cannon).

It’s been painted to look steampunk/antique using several coats of paint (clear coated).

This was originally a toy which takes 2 AA batteries and gives a flash of light inside the barrel when it quick-fires up to 8 Nerf darts (yes, it’s made to be played with LARP’ing peoples!). Check out this video on how to mod the toy:


Going cheap-as-chips on Ebay for $39.99 at the link below: 

Steampunk HALO Army Nerf Firefly Rev-8 LARP (Toy Gun) Prop Replica

Check this mega-awesome Epic Weapons’ manufactured WORLD OF WARCRAFT Doomhammer LARP (Live Action Role Playing) Prop Replica.

This detailed collectible measures approximately 22 inches long, weighs 3 pounds, and is wrapped with genuine leather.

It’s available for pre-order now for $129.99 in preparation for delivery in the 1st quarter of 2012.

The link you need is below: 

Epic Weapons WORLD OF WARCRAFT Doomhammer LARP Prop Replica (at Sideshow Collectibles)

You can also now get it for the same price at Entertainment Earth: 

World of Warcraft Doomhammer L.A.R.P. Edition at Entertainment Earth

Here’s today’s ultimate bargain: 59% off the WORLD OF WARCRAFT Frostmourne Latex Sword at Entertainment Earth.

Frostmourne from the World of Warcraft video game is the most powerful runeblade in existence! 

The artisans at Windlass Studios worked closely with the creative team at Blizzard Entertainment to produce this officially licensed and highly durable 47″ long sword prop replica. 

Made from high-quality latex the Frostmourne Latex Sword has a realistic look and finish and is touted as the finest on the market.

The handle is made from hard rubber and boasts a real suede wrapping.

Believe it or not, this sword is battle ready. It has been designed with a firm grip for control, excellent wielding balance, and features a tough layered foam, high-quality latex, and specially developed non-cracking paint designed to take many hours of role play.

The police-grade Kevlar used in the sword tip guarantees a non-tearing thrust. Though the fiber core of this weapon is lightweight, it commands the strength to withstand excessive pounds of stress.

The blade itself measure 28″.

Note: This is not a metal weapon. It is a quality latex weapon for LARP and other forms of action play. 

Normally this prop replica would cost you $144.99, but EE have it on sale for only $60. That’s a major bargain and well worth it!

Get your discount here: WORLD OF WARCRAFT Frostmourne Latex Sword at Entertainment Earth.

United Cutlery’s GOD OF WAR Kratos Blade of Chaos Prop Replica, based on the sword wielded by Spartan Leader Kratos in Sony Studios’ THE GOD OF WAR video game, is one super slick exact weapon replica!

Yes, that’s right. Despite appearing to look like a knife this blade is actually classified as a sword. It measures 20 13/16-inches long, with the blade measuring 12 7/16-inches long. So let’s call it a short sword…  

As usual United Cutlery have created their Kratos Blade using the finest-grade materials and craftsmanship available. They’ve cast its blade from a zinc-aluminum material with custom-etched mold textures and fantasy grindings that mirror the piece carried by Kratos.

The handle is made from a hard-cast injection grip.

Each replica is laser-serial-numbered to ensure genuineness and includes a custom display stand (with a God of War insignia) and certificate of authenticity. 

Although I’ve seen it for sale with a price tag over $300 in some places, EE have it in stock now for $114.99.

GOD OF WAR Kratos Blade of Chaos Replica (at Entertainment Earth)