ASSASSINS CREED II Ezio Extension Knife with Leather Bracer Museum Replicas

This is Museum Replicas’ prop replica of the Assassin’s Creed II Extension Knife.

It comes with a soft leather bracer so that it can fit securely onto the arm.

The high-carbon steel knife has a push and lock system, making it screen accurate to Ezio’s extension knife in the Assassin’s Creed II video game

Sheathed it measures: 10″. Drawn it extends to 14″.

This knife isn’t sharpened out of the box but it can be, although if you do Museum Replicas doesn’t want to know about it and won’t honor any warranties or be held responsible for any assassination attempts you may or may not make.

Now, these are available from a variety of places, but beware – not all vendors are asking the same price. I’ve seen this for sale for hundreds of dollars difference depending on where you look.

Ebay is by and far the cheapest place to get one brand new. But, to show you the difference in ranges, here are a couple of links: 

ASSASSIN’S CREED II Ezio Extension Knife with Leather Bracer (Ebay, $119)

ASSASSIN’S CREED II Ezio Extension Knife with Leather Bracer (Amazon, $290.40)

Note: The extension knife is compatible with Museum Replicas’ Assassin’s Creed II Ezio Vambrace.

ASSASSIN'S CREED Ezio Belt Dagger Prop Replica Museum Replicas

This is Museum Replicas’ replicas Ezio Belt Dagger based on the belt dagger used in the Assassin’s Creed II video game.

The dagger weighs 12 ounches and measures 13-inches long (with a 7 3/4-inch high-carbon steel blade).

Comes with a suede sheathe (with snap) and an antiqued-metal handle.

It’s a nice new addition to the Assassin’s Creed family of prop replica weapons.

Cheapest place in town to get one of these bad boys brand spanking new is Entertainment Earth at a price of $74.99: 

ASSASSIN’S CREED Ezio Belt Dagger Prop Replica (via EE)

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica Triforce

Introducing Master Replicas’ new limited edition life-size Batarang prop replica based on the Batman: Arkham City video game.

With a mere 750 of these becoming available world wide, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this going to become a major collector’s piece.

  • Full-scale prop replica of Batman’s Batarang from Arkham City.
  • Measures 22-inches tall and features working LED effects!
  • Masterfully sculpted, hand finished, and hand painted.
  • Limited edition of just 750 pieces!
  • Batarang is detachable

Entertainment Earth have these for $749.99, which is the best retail price I’ve found, however, one seller on Ebay is taking pre-orders at $725 (for only 2 lucky buyers), which is the cheapest price you’ll find (I’ve seen others get as high as $1000).

So here are those links: 

Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica (via Ebay, $725)

Limited Edition BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Batarang Full-Scale Prop Replica (via EE, $749.99)

HALO 3 Covenant/Reach Titanium Color Energy Sword Replica

This is the 27″ Halo 3 Covenant Energy Sword (Type 1) prop replica.

It comes with a black wall plaque for easy display.

Note that the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t made from titanium, it’s made from 440 stainless steel blades that are heat treated to obtain a titanium like color. This treatment causes the color to shift when different angles of lighting are applied, which is very cool.

The ABS material handle has stunning detail, accurate design and size, and is pretty well built.

Normally you’d pay around $59.95 for this, but one seller on Ebay has a few items in stock brand new for only $49.95. It’s only a small saving but it’s still a bargain for a pretty nice prop replica display, so I say go for it at the link below:

HALO 3 Covenant 27″ Titanium Color Type 1 Energy Sword Replica

First 4 Figures released a limited edition mini weapon replica of the BFG from the Doom feature film.

It was 12 inches long yet master crafted down to the smallest possible detail.

Limited to 1,500 pieces (and comes with a F4F authenticity card).

They’re now unavailable on Amazon and are rapidly becoming a hard to get collector’s piece.

But, one has just gone up for sale on Ebay and it’s still brand new and in its box!

The asking price is a mere $99.95 so that’s a bargain. Snap it up at the link below: 

Limited Edition DOOM BFG (Bio Force Gun) Mini 12″ Weapon Replica

In June 2013 Epic Weapons are going to deliver their life size prop replica of the Timson Tool 211-V Plasma Cutter from the video game Dead Space.

This is an authentic reproduction of the tool used by the CEC miners (and Isaac Clarke) to cut down the Necromorphs!


The Timson Tools 211-V Plasma Cutter, as seen inDead Space 1, is a mainstay tool for CEC miners. Using ionized gas and plasma energy from an onboard detachable battery, skilled technicians use it to chip pieces off boulders so they’ll fit in smelting tubes. For maximum flexibility, this model features both horizontal and vertical cutting modes, and a quarter-meter blade. The 211-V is the first tool that Isaac comes across on the blood-splattered decks of the Ishimura, and becomes his most trusted companion during his harrowing ordeal in Dead Space.


  • life size, 1:1 scale prop replica
  • displayable carrying case
  • lights up with the signature 3-blast spot for lining up a target when the trigger is activated
  • measures about 17-inches long x 11-inches tall x 3-inches wide
  • includes a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery with 30 minutes constant-use battery life
  • made of metal with plastic parts to accommodate wiring
  • weighs approximately 3 pounds.

The price on this baby is $219.99. You can learn more and/or pre-order it now at the link below:

DEAD SPACE Timson Tool 211-V Plasma Cutter (via EE) 

Epic Weapons produced a limited run of their World of Warcraft Frostmourne sword prop replica. I don’t know exactly how many made it into that limited run, but the rumor is there are only 400 in the world. Either way, these are not that easy to find. At least, not normally.

Right now there are two BRAND NEW versions of these up for grabs on Ebay. The prices vary depending on whether or not the sword is in brand new condition, with the best of them advertised at the highest price:

All are the products of Epic Weapons’ high quality craftsmanship, the specifications of which are: 

  • Limited edition World of Warcraft sword
  • The sword measures approx. 47″ inches long and 12″ inches wide at the widest point of the handle.
  • The wall mount collector’s display plaque is 22″ inches tall, 12″ inches wide, and 3/4″ thick.
  • Weights 16 pounds (the sword alone)
  • The blade is made of 420J2 Japanese milled stainless steel (unsharpened, not for real use)
  • Other sword parts are made of cast metal
  • The handle is is gripped with genuine leather wrap and is embedded with an RFID (G2G authenticity microchip) which holds information needed to authenticate the sword is genuine Epic Weapons manufactured using a Game 2 Gear reader that comes with the sword. RFID’s last a lifetime.
  • Certificate of Authenticity (note, some of the sellers don’t have this!)

Here are the links you need to check out the three that are available (in best price order): 

Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Frostmourne Sword Prop Replica (Buy It Now via Ebay, $1,000)

Limited Edition WORLD OF WARCRAFT Frostmourne Sword Prop Replica (Buy It Now via Ebay, $1,500)

If you find versions of these swords cheaper than this, I suggest being careful. There are replica knock-off’s floating around. I’ve also seen this sword advertised on Ebay as “new” when in fact it was used. The links above are the only two that seem to be legitimately new.

This is an absolutely superb replica video game weapon!

It’s the officially licensed Soul Reaper 1:1 Scale Scythe Prop Replica of Death’s weapon in the hit video game Darksiders 2.

This is a serious collector’s piece with a tiny limited edition run of only 500 pieces worldwide.

TriForce artisans have produced this full size weapon beautifully. It’s easily the most authentic prop replica of the Pale Rider’s trademark weapon as designed by original artist and creator, Joe Madureira.

It’s also hand-finished and hand-painted to precision quality.

The Soul Reaper Scythe is intricately crafted and cast in polystone.

Measures a massive 70-inches long x 48-inches high, and weighs in at 46 pounds.

Features working LED light effects!


Death’s Scythes, honed sharp by eons of judgment, reaping the souls of the dying and the damned for ages past. Borne to creation for the grim motive of keeping the balance of life with the cold and final resolution of death. The origin of the Soul Reapers is shrouded in mystery and darkness, granted to whom would serve the Reaper’s dark purpose. A weapon with blades so keen, a single swing would rob the essence of life from all who would present itself as challenger to the will of their master – to the will of Death. Comprised of metals beyond the reach of this universe, the blades tone is tenebrous is nature, cold and shrouded in despair throughout its hilt and wrappings, whispering with the breath of those whose time has come to pass. The sigil sprawled out along the face of the blade spells the mark of the Well of Souls, serving as guide to victims reaped so that they may be lead through the underworlds and to the soul’s final resting place. The Soul Reapers answers the command of only one; the Horseman Death. Versatile in its strengths, these scythes operate in pair – dancing in tandem with the ferocity of battle. The blades can be united as one at the behest of their master’s strike, gaining reach and the ability to cleave through any foe. Strength balanced by quickness, might honed by prowess – There is no weapon greater suited to the Pale Rider than a blade without remorse, for there is no force darker than death. Angel, demon, man or beast– it matters not; for in these scythes, your soul its bounty keeps.

This awesome weapon replica hasn’t been released yet. We have to wait until June 2013.

But it can be pre-ordered now at the link below:

DARKSIDERS 2 Death’s Soul Reaper Scythe Full Scale Prop Replica (via Entertainment Earth, $899.99)

Check out how awesome this Dead Space 2 prop replica from Epic Weapons is.

It’s a full-size (1:1 Scale) prop replica of Isaac Clarke’s EW-1048 Plasma Cutter, based on the Plasma Cutter built piece-by-piece by Isaac in the time between the events depicted in Dead Space and Dead Space 2. The changes were a necessity driven by broken parts and replacement availability; as well as, the living conditions and environment in space.

For maximum flexibility the Plasma Cutter feature both horizontal and vertical cutting modes (rotating at a 90-degree angle) and a quarter meter blade. Also features a built-in trigger that when activated reflects the signature 3-blast spot so the user may line up his target.

It measures about 17-inches long x 11-inches tall x 3-inches wide and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Includes a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery with 30 minutes constant-use battery life.

This incredible collectible ships in a uniquely designed display suitcase with “Property of Isaac Clarke” displayed prominently on the outside.

It’ll get released in June 2013 at a price point of $239.99. Use the link below to pre-order:

Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica (via Entertainment Earth)

It’s also available on Ebay for pre-order, but the price is a bit higher at $279: 

DEAD SPACE 2 Isaac Clarke Plasma Cutter Prop Replica (via Ebay)

Windlass Studio’s fully functional bladed Assassins Creed Sword of Altair Replica is awesome, but what if you want more of a LARP style experience with your Sword of Altair?

That’s where Museum Replica’s Latex Sword of Altair Replica might be for you.

This is a fully licensed Assassins Creed replica based on the Sword of Altair seen in Assassin’s Creed I & II.

It features:

  • the iconic eagle-headed pommel with a winged crossguard
  • a brown suede wrapped, hard rubber handle
  • a full length of 38″
  • a blade length of 30-5⁄8″ 
  • a weight of 12 oz

Remember, this is not the high carbon steel version, it is a weapon made for LARP (Live Action Role Play) out of latex.

Now, you used to be able to get this via Sideshow Collectibles, but they’ve sold out. You can also currently find it on Ebay for a Buy It Now price of $96.99.

But the best price around at the moment is on Amazon where you can get it at the link below for $89.99: 

Assassin s Creed Sword of Altair Latex (via Amazon, $89.99)