This is a limited edition prop replica of Cherry Darling’s leg gun from director Robert Rodriguez’s 2007 action film Grindhouse.

Manufactured by NECA, there are only 510 of these in the world.

Now one of those (numbered #67) is available to purchase for only $150.

In the film Cherry (Rose McGowan) used a machine gun for a leg as you can see below:

Cherry Darling Machine Gun Leg

This rare and hard to find screen accurate prop replica is based on that gun.


  • Comes in its own shadow box, ideal for display.
  • Not a toy and is intended for decorative purposes only.

The seller is advertising this unit as being new, still in its original box, and having never been displayed.

The link you need to learn more or buy it for yourself is below:

NECA Life-Size Limited Edition GRINDHOUSE Cherry Darling Leg Gun Replica (Ebay)


Here’s a great opportunity for fans of the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie.

It’s a brand new prop replica of the Point of View (POV) gun from the film.

These were released as a limited edition of 250. This particular one is number #38.

These have been sold out since they were first released so naturally only one is available.


  • Highly detailed prop replica
  • Officially licensed release by Neca Toys
  • Comes in a special red velvet formed case for display purposes

Watch a review of this replica (not the actual numbered replica that’s for sale):

The Point of View (POV) Gun does precisely what its name suggests. That is, if you see someone and point the trigger they will instantly see things from your point of view.

Watch it in action in the film:

The seller says it is essentially brand new as it has never been taken out of the felt lined box. He is selling it to pay for college so this is a real opportunity for a collector to snap up one of these hard to find replica weapons.

View the auction page at the link below:

Neca Toys HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Point of View (POV) Gun Prop Replica (Ebay auction)

Renowned master swordsmith and propmaster Tony Swatton takes us through the forging of Hit Girl’s detachable sword from Kick-Ass 2.

Unfortunately this isn’t for sale.

Film Used JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 Hero Death Grip Bone Dagger Prop

What you’re looking at above is an original prop of the Creeper’s Death Grip dagger from Jeepers Creepers 2.

This prop was actually used during the filming of the 2003 Victor Salva directed horror film.


  • Full Length: 12″
  • Material: Resin Blade, Carved Handle
  • Blade Length: 5″
  • Screen Used
  • Official Certificate of Authenticity Included from Hollywood PARTS
  • Extremely detailed with fake blood and outlined effects.

Note: The dagger is slightly damaged – the tip is broken.

If you want to won this screen used prop it is for sale right now. Asking price is US $1,995.00.

You can see the sale listing as well as view more images at the link below:

Film Used JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 Hero Death Grip Bone Dagger Prop (via Ebay)

JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 Bone Dagger Series Screamer Dagger Replica Factory X

Factory X released three prop replica daggers based on the daggers used by the Creeper in the 2003 horror film Jeepers Creepers 2.

  1. The Flesh Eaters 
  2. The Screamer
  3. The Death Grip

Right now the opportunity exists to purchase all three as part of a set (see this post here).

However if you’re only interested in one then you may be interested to know that a seller is offering the ‘Screamer’ dagger brand new and still in its box (pictured above).

These daggers are hard to find, either as a set or individually, but finding one in brand new condition is extremely rare.

This particular dagger is up for sale at a BIN of $99.95 but the seller is open to offers.

Head to the link below to buy it, make an offer, or to check out even more images:

JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 “Bone Dagger Series” Screamer Dagger Replica (Factory X) (via Ebay)